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In today’s post I will be reviewing;

Compendium of Beading Techniques by Jean Power

Compendium of Beading Techniques by Jean Power

  • Title: Compendium of Beading Techniques
  • Author: Jean Power
  • Publisher: Search Press
  • ISBN: 978-1-84448-436-2
  • Price RRP; £12.99 (correct at time of writing).

My Reason for Buying

Initially I found this book in the library but it was so good I had to buy it. I am new to jewellery making and wanted a book to tell me about the different tools, bead types, materials used and also some techniques. I will mainly be buying online so needed to know the names of things to search for them.I tell you this as often a review is based on how well the book lived up to the expectations of its reader, for their purpose 😉


  • Getting Started; explains bead types and sizes. Tools and how to use them. Storage options and also advice about designing your own projects.
  • Stringing; options for materials to string with. Explains where each material are best used and techniques.
  • Wirework; Techniques for decorative wire work and how to make your own findings
  • Beadweaving; Second half of the book dedicated to techniques and tips on weaving with beads



  • Clear photos next to techniques and materials
  • Clear explanations of what things are and how to use them
  • Plenty of finished pieces for inspiration


The only downside to this book, is it is in a compact format,physically smaller than other books. The problem with this is that it does mean that the print gets quite small. A shame as the content is so good.

Value for Money

Excellent! Essential reference book for anyone interested in beading and jewellery making. For the same price as two jewellery making magazines you have a complete reference guide!

Would I buy it Again?

Yes and highly recommend it to everyone.

Summing up

Perfect if you are a newbie to the world of beads and jewellery making. This is a brilliant reference book. Essential to help you find your way around the bewildering choice of beads and their related items. Really useful if you want to get started and want to know what tools/materials are essential and what can be bought later on.

If like me you are buying most of your materials from the internet and don’t have access to classes this book is essential. Know what people are referring too, what materials to use with which kinds of beads and also has a useful guide about bead sizes and quantities.

A must have book for beaders. Would make a fantastic present for a newbie.


Check out this book on Amazon, where you can get it for under £8! (correct at time of writting).

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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