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Welcome Back

As a break from tradition, I thought it might make a change if I shared some sites that I particularly enjoy visiting with you.  Next up is Kelly Rae Roberts. I adore Kelly and her work as it has so many layers its wonderful, she is a mixed media artist and since this months theme is Paint, it was a perfect site.

I have followed Kelly for a number of years and she occassionally teaches online classes too. She has written an amazing book called Taking Flight; Inspiration and techniques to give your creative spirit wings, and an excellent ebook series too.

Kelly Rae Roberts

It’s coming up holiday time and the good weather means long tutorials are not likely to go down well at the moment as either everyone is just going or coming back from holidays or battling with their over growing gardens.

Fear not tutorials will return, and this will give me time to create some crackers for you for the later months of the year 😉 In the meantime if you are missing your tutorial fixes, check out the Tutorials Tab at the top of the blog for goodies you may have missed from the archives.

Do stop by and have a look at Kelly’s wonderful site, leave her a comment and say who sent ya if she asks 😉 Her spirit and ideas make you feel so happy and want to create.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

So it’s the New Year! The traumatic, frantic shopping trips, for the holiday season are behind you. Everyone’s trying to get you to make New Year’s resolutions, change this, stop doing that etc. NO THANKS! Not me, I like you just the way you are. For some years now I’ve turned my back on negative New Years Resolutions, life is too short, there is enough pressure with work and family without adding to it yourself.

What would you really like right now?

  • Inspiration
  • A good book
  • To learn some interesting techniques
  • To take a leap of faith and try something different
  • To make a dream come true

Well the good news is Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts, is the perfect book for right now. If you read blogs like mine and creative magazines and wish you were doing something like that, either your own blog or the creating itself, but for whatever reason haven’t yet taken the step to make it happen, then Kelly’s book will help you find your inner dreams and start to make them blossom into reality.

For many years I fought with an inner demon, the voice of my art teacher from school. He would constantly critisise my work and never encourage me. Everything I created, even many years after leaving school, I would have this inner commentry of his voice criticising it. I belived this inner voice and I too thought what I created was no good. I tried The Artists Way but found it simply too difficult.

Kelly Rae Robert’s book is a joy to read, from the very begining she inspires you with her own journey and how to discover what it is that you would like to do. Kelly then takes you on the most amazing voyage to take your dreams and make them possible. Unlike other books of this kind, you feel like Kelly is right there with you, holding your hand, while you find your way. Leading,  but without pushing you. It is the most encouraging, uplifting and empowering book, I’ve ever read. If you want to be encouraged not judged, to silence the inner critic and allow your inner creative spirit to flourish, then this book is for you.

If you are asking why I am not doing my usual more in depth description of the book, it is simply because this book is a journey in itself. You will find a different journey within its pages, to the one I did. That’s the beauty of it, each of us has a different dream, and are on a different path, your answers to Kelly’s questions will be different to mine. But one thing you can be sure of, this book speaks to your soul, it helps you discover what is important to you, what you need and that what you need isn’t always the same as what you want.

Here are the details of Kelly Rae’s book so you can find a copy for yourself. You are worthy, you do deserve to make your dreams come true. You can make it happen, and Kelly will help you find out what your ‘thing’ is.

Taking Flight, Inspiration & Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings

Author: Kelly Rae Roberts

Publisher: North Light Books

ISBN-13: 978-1-60061-082-0

ISBN-10: 1-60061-082-X


Taking Flight on Amazon UK, check out the search inside option 😉

Kelly Rae Roberts Blog

Kelly Rae Roberts Twitter

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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