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Today I’d like to share a picture of a little wonder of science and engineering and what may just change your life, like it did mine. Introducing the Kenwood Chef!

Kenwood Chef

Kenwood Chef

Here’s the thing, between various health issues, what little baking I once did, I am no longer able to do. Result, I’ve been stuck on processed stuff for too long. It’s not great but there weren’t options. Then after a life laundry, I sold a bunch of archery equipment that had been sitting in the loft for YEARS since my dexterity first failed a bit over ten years ago. The budget this created, I used to purchase this little Kenwood gem, the Kenwood Chef KM336, thanks Amazon for GREAT pricing!!!

I am not the next Delia (after a nasty incident trying to make gnocchi! Took ages to get potato off the kitchen units grrr!!) but a budding Lorraine Pascal perhaps or maybe an Express Nigella! I’m looking for basic, filling and EASY, not posh n fancy stuff. I have made a lovely crumble mix that would have taken ages to create (and locked my hands for days), really easily in the Kenwood. Can’t wait to explore the possibilites of this machine.

Try not to laugh and I’ll share my baking goals;

  • Pies. I wanna make easy fruit or vegetable pies
  • Cakes. Get back to making sponges
  • Bread. Heard this machine can make bread, it would be good to give this a try once my confidence improves.
  • Cookies I LOVE biscuits
  • Sweets Little things for gifts

My longer term plan is to have a good practice during the coming year, so that perhaps baked goods for gifts for special friends may be possible. Just bought the ‘Good Housekeeping; The Baking Book’ and there are lots in there to get going with. The machine also came with a recipe book and a DVD about all the attachments. Another DVD with the recipes from the book, its searchable and you can print the recipes out too, no more mashing books into a photo-copier 😉

If you have someone in the family who has had to give up baking because of dexterity issues, do consider clubbing together as a family this holiday and getting them one of these machines. Not meaning to winge but when your body and hands in particular don’t work so well, you get fed up of either having to constantly ask others for help, or worse still give up because you just can’t do things anymore. If you have the worktop space to leave this out its ideal. Now when you want to mix something you can, there are LOADS of attachments that will give you back the independence you may have been loosing.

There’s even a thing that peels potatoes for you! I just about  manage as there are just two of us, but it involves sticking a fork into the raw potato and I have to use a particular peeler. I wouldn’t manage if there were lots of us. There are grater’s and grinders mincer’s and so much more. The one thing you can’t use with this machine is the Food Processor attachment, because it doesn’t have the right attachment on the top of the machine. The chopping attachment does some of what the food processor attachment would, just doesn’t have the ‘S’ shaped blade kind of option.

Check out Amazon for great price savings and give someone you love the gift of baking this holiday season.

Best wishes and thanks for reading see you soon

Billie 🙂 🙂 🙂

PS. It comes in a huffing BIG box! So if it is a family gift from lots of you, it will still look amazing! Then there’s many more years of present options, with all the attatchments…just saying 😉

PPS: When I’ve had some time to play with the Kenwood, I’ll post up a review if you like? Let me know in your comments, as I still want to keep this a paper craft blog not a cookery one 😉 Can’t belive how many different directions this blog has taken over the last 4 years!


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