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Today I’d like to share some pictures of a shawl that I recently finished.

Spring Summer Shawl

Spring Summer Shawl

I fell in love with this yarn, which is Wendy Luxury Cotton, when I first saw it. It looked a bit too slippery/shiny for slippers and at the time that was the only project I’d got in mind. Then I found this fab shawl pattern on Ravelry, its called Splendid Triangle shawl and is available free from Lion Brand in America. You need to join their mailing list to have access to the instructions but they have so many beautiful patterns on there, its well worth while doing so.

This is the largest knitting project I’ve tackled and wasn’t sure how I’d get on with it. Other than knit and purl, the only other techniques you need are yarn over (which I hadn’t tried before this project) and also knit two together. By the end of the project I’d got the hang of yarn overs and they now don’t scare me half as much as they did. There are great tutorials on You Tube to hand hold you through yarn overs if you’ve never done them before either.

Spring Summer Shawl

Spring Summer Shawl

The yarn is beautiful, the slight sheen really catches the light and makes the blue look like it has some white running through it. The cotton felt lovely but was harder work than acrylic as it didn’t slip quite so easily across my needles. It was worth all the effort though and I’m thrilled with the results. So far I haven’t blocked it, just spread it out a bit on the bed, which has opened the pattern out a bit.I have bought Tesco play mats to eventually block the shawl, when I’ve saved enough for blocking wires and pins, which will make a neater result still.

The hardest part of this project was the crochet edging, Id had a look round Ravelry and seen others had gone with different options for finishing the shawl. I bought a Surina Silky crochet hook, which is a beautiful wood and by getting the 10″/25cm long hook, it didn’t dig into my palm like other crochet hooks do. It still took me three days to cast off, but that’s only because of my poor dexterity and that I could only do a few loops a day. Since then I’ve seen the project finished with a ruffle edging, this looked really nice too, so if you can’t/don’t want to crochet its another option.

Spring/ Summer Shawl, crochet edging

Spring/ Summer Shawl, crochet edging

Having managed this shawl and thanks to a knitting friend tipping me off where to get the yarn, I’ve since got a few balls of Sirdar Connemara yarn in Wayfarer, a lovely heather like colour and have started another one of these shawls. This time I’m hoping to go for the ruffle edging as this yarn has a tweed like effect and I think that edging will suit it better. The crochet edging on the blue shawl works for spring and summer and on the nice cotton yarn.

Do check out Ravelry if you love knitting, its a fantastic place to find patterns, learn new techniques and ask for help. Their search functions make finding alternative yarns for patterns so much easier, you can also search for patterns by yarn type or needle size, so if you have small amount of yarn kicking round, you can find the perfect project. LOVE Ravelry, its good for eating days if you let it, but there’s so much to see and do on there its wonderful.

Hopefully now the days are getting longer and fingers crossed the warmer weather will join it, then I can knit more and also have enough light see to paint again. Have missed my paints this winter! More mixed media play coming as soon as I can get back to my stash.


  • Ravelry Here is a walk round the main features of Ravelry So if you aren’t yet a member, here’s what its all about.
  • Lion Brand
  • Wendy Yarn
  • Splendid Triangle shawl To have access to the pattern istructions you need to join Lion Brand mailing list. Its worth it, they have some fantastic patterns.
  • Deramores, if you can’t find the Wendy Luxury cotton yarn on the high street, check out Deramores. They are a great knitting store with very fast delivery and excellent range of yarn and colours.

Best wishes and thanks for reading ,see you soon

Billie 🙂


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