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Welcome Back

In today’s post I will be reviewing; James Brett Marble Chunky Yarn.

James Brett; Marble Chunky Yarn

James Brett; Marble Chunky Yarn

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; James C Brett. Marble Chunky
  • Item number; Colour Number MC6
  • RRP at time of writing: £4.50 – 6.00
  • Weight – 200g Ball.
  • Length – 312m/341 yards to 200g.
  • Needle Size – 6mm. Tension – 14 stitches & 20 rows to a 10cm sq.

Reason For Buying

I cannot wear wool as it makes me itch, even if it is very soft or combined with other yarns. The only thing is until more recently there has been little colour options with acrylics. When I saw this yarn, I just had to buy it as it was such a lovely colour way.



  • All Acrylic, easy maintenance of finished garment
  • Superb range of colours
  • Feels luxurious
  • Knits up beautifully
  • A joy to knit with
  • Cozy finished pieces, ideal for hats n gloves etc to snuggle into in the colder weather.
  • 200g per ball plenty for smaller projects


An option of a smaller ball in the same colour ways would be good. If you only need a few grams to finish a project, 200g is a big ball.

Just a niggle, not a deal breaker.

Build Quality

Excellent, a joy to knit with. Two DK weight strands are twisted together in the yarn and the colour ways are beautifully done.

Value for Money

Excellent! It may not be the cheapest, but I was very pleased with how many small projects I could make with just one ball.

Would I buy it Again?

Totally, there are so many delicious colours that I will definitely be getting more of this yarn.🙂

Summing up

I love everything about this yarn and recommend it to everyone. From just one ball I was able to make a short cowl, a long cowl, a hat and a pair of fingerless mittens!!!! With so many colours there is bound to be one you fall in love with too. Having dexterity issues I also found the larger needle size this yarn requires, easier on the hands too.

There is a DK variant of the yarn but not all the colours match the Chunky


Here is a link to the manufacturers and a couple of retailers that also stock the yarn.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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Welcome Back

The Virtual Crafting Challenge theme for March 2012 is:

Yarns, Fibers & Textiles

Great I hear you say, but now what? Well for those of you who would like a few ideas to get you started, here are some  colours, products and techniques to help you choose, where you could go with this month’s theme. Feel free to use your own ideas for this theme too.


  • Create something in your favorite colour
  • Create something in a colour you have never used before
  • This month’s birthstone is Aquamarine, try using this colour in your project


  • Try out a different yarn to the type or weight you normally favor. There are some exciting fashion yarns around for something completely different. They knit up very quickly and often have patterns on the ball bands.
  • Fabrics; Had your eye on some wonderful fabric? Go get it and lets see what you create with it.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive project; lots of the manufacturers have free patterns you can download. Check out the Yarns tab at the top of the page, for links to yarn manufacturers.


  • Create something you can wear
  • Add fibers or yarn to alter an item of clothing
  • Use Textiles/fibers or yarn to decorate a card project


  • Knitting, there are some superb tutorials around the web, if you have wanted to learn how, try it now🙂
  • Crochet. Check out You Tube for tutorials on how to crochet
  • Sewing. You Tube is again the place to go for inspiration and tutorials for textile projects
  • How about making a bag?
  • Perhaps find out more about quilting.

The most important thing about this challenge is that you have fun and explore. Don’t feel pressured to have a finished item at the end of the month. Explore different styles and techniques either in person, if you have the supplies, or through research, looking online.

You learn so much more when you take away the rules and just PLAY. Adapt this challenge to a creative style that interests you. Enjoy🙂


For inspiration around the web, have a look at my Textiles and also Yarns tab at the top from here you will find some interesting sites you may not have found before.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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Welcome Back

Over on Pheonix Knitting forum they suggested trying something totally new for 29th February. For this challenge I decided to try making a hat. I’ve had success with the Cowl made from the Cowl’d and Frosty Morning pattern and had made alterations to it to create a short version for a neck warmer. So wondered if I could make a hat from it too. This is what happens when you bring a kid up on Blue Peter😉 they develop a good ‘what if’ gene hehe.

I had a look through my Knitting for Dummies book and decided if I copied the decrease rows from the 60 stitches downwards from page 138 (Three way hat). Then I should be able to turn the cowl in to a hat. It worked!!!

The ‘What If’ Hat

My First Hat

My First Hat

I’m going to try to make some coordinating mittens soon too, then I’ll have a matching set.

Its turning quite spring like here, we have crocus and daffodils to keep the snowdrops company in the garden, and the wild birds are playing kiss chase. Even the collard doves have been attempting some token nest-building, well trying to stash large twigs in the conifers😉

Spring Crocus

Spring Crocus

Sorry I  didn’t get a post up for friday, the tutorial I had planned needed a photograph taken and there just hasn’t been good light for it. Have re-scheduled it for next month, so it won’t go to waste😉


I mentioned the pattern I started from, here is a link to it and the book I took the info about decreasing from too.

So, as leap years only come round occassionally, what will you be trying for a leap of faith? Would love to see some of your projects.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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