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In today’s post I will be reviewing; The Complete Drawing Course for Beginners DVD.

Ronald swanwick's Complete Drawing Course for Beginners; DVD

Ronald Swanwick's Complete Drawing Course for Beginners; DVD

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Teaching Art
  • Item number RSNDN
  • RRP at time of writing: £40.84 SAA members price £20.40

Reason For Buying

For years I’ve drawn – badly! I have bought many books whose titles sugesteded they would teach you all you needed to know about drawing..then didn’t. That said they were for complete beginners, then expected prior knowledge, which as a beginner I didn’t have. I wanted to sort out perspective and the fact this course if for beginners and DVD was ideal as I am a very visual learner and sounded perfect.



The title is true, you need no prior knowledge of the subject. It really does take you from the very beginning and expects no prior knowledge of the subject.

Ronald’s descriptions are very clear. He explains things as he draws, which really helps you learn and understand the concepts.

Perspective instruction that makes sense! Theres a first!

Planning and Proportion is a superb section and helps you plan where on the page to start drawing so your main image doesn’t either fall off the page, or get squashed into a corner

Instruction on measuring helps things stay the correct size

Wide range of artistic subjects covered. People, buildings, scenes, landscape, flowers and still life are all covered.


In fairness, my copy was filmed in 2005 and the only issue I have is really a niggle. My version was filmed in 4:3 aspect ratio, which comes out odd, when viewed on widescreen tv. You may need to alter your tv screen setting to prevent the picture being stretched and squashed on todays larger TVs.

The item number I have included is for the latest version listed on the SAA website, it has been re-launched so it may be that they have solved this issue on the newer versions.

Build Quality

Excellent! Lighting, sound, and camera work are all spot on and really enhance the great content. You can easily see what is being drawn over the artists shoulder, and the picture in picture in places helps you see what is on the page and the original item at the same time. You can navigate by chapter so if you are reviewing a particular technique you can skip right to the section you want.

Value for Money

Excellent. The run time is 268 minutes and the content is superb. One to one tuition, in your own home as many times as you like for £40.84 is well worth it. If you become a member of the SAA you can save even more and have this delivered without P&P charges for just £20.40.

Would I buy it Again?

Yes, its fantastic. If you would love to learn to draw and have never got on so well, or would like to improve particular areas of your drawing, this is for you. A great drawing partner for newbies as well as more experienced artists looking to brush up their skills.

Summing up

I’m VERY sceptical of products claiming to be ‘The Complete’ or ‘The Bible of.’ as many of them often aren’t and you end up feeling let down and disappointed.

This course lives up to its name very well. It is perfect for someone who has never drawn before and for someone like me who has drawn but struggled to achieve anything they liked as a result. This truly is the BEST drawing DVD I’ve ever bought and I highly recommend it to everyone.

If your New Years Resolution was to learn to draw, this would be a perfect companion for you.


Ronald Swanwick

Excerpt from DVD, from The Painting and Drawing Channel

SAA. The Society for All Artists is a great online community and mail order art supply store. They have a wide range of art materials and the best selection of books and DVDs to help you achieve your artistic goals. members get discounted prices, and free P&P as well as many more benefits. I’ve been a member for years and highly recommend them if you are regularly buying art supplies or looking for tuition.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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