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In today’s post I will be reviewing;   

Making Memories Magnetic Stamp Alphabet & Handle sets.   

Making Memories Magnetic Stamps

Making Memories Magnetic Stamps



I bought this stamp set to give me options for the words I could create. The font style is perfect for grunge style that I enjoy so much. The size is ideal for ATC’s and the A6 & A7 size cards I create.   


The Pro’s of these products are;   

  • You can make any words you choose, from the letter sets
  • Additional font styles and word sets available
  • You can position the letters on the handles, where ever suits the project
  • Rummage is a nice vintage/textured kind of font
  • Excellent storage! The handles and font sets are supplied with their own sturdy boxes

The downsides of this product are;   

Handle Set for Making Memories Magnetic Stamps

Handle Set for Making Memeories Magnetic Stamps


  • The weight of the handles, the wide one weighs; 119 grams, the narrow one weighs; 76 grams, and the small one weighs; 28 grams. Not a problem if you have only the occasional word you want to make, but for batch making cards, if you have limited dexterity, then these handles are heavy in the hand. Due to the fact they are metal blocks for the magnetic letters to adhere to.
  • When you ink up the stamp, the letters sometimes shift around and you often need to re position them before you stamp.
  • Only one set of stamps comes with its own tweezers. That’s fine, but have a set of tweezers to hand as they do make it much easier to use & position the letters, which can otherwise be very fiddly to get hold of.
  • The stamps need to be separated from each other. They are supplied in two sheets, the sheets are part cut through, but need to be accurately cut to give a good finish. My DH cut mine apart for me, my dexterity isn’t that good. You may need to trim back any overhanging ‘bur’ after you cut them out, otherwise they don’t sit so close together on the tool.

Build Quality

Excellent, if you are struggling to get your letters close to each other, trim back any bur left by separating the letters from each other, and they should align well.   

Value for Money

Excellent, for the versatility of both the font set and the options of single letter, single line or multiple line of lettering possible with the handles, the kits are a great price. Also the fact that the sets come with their own storage is brilliant.   

Would I buy it Again?

Yes, and would recommend these and the rest of the series to anyone who wants versatility and the options of personalizing their projects.   

Summing up

It would be nice if there were some kind of groove or similar, to would stop the letters moving around while you ink the stamp up, but that is really the only ongoing niggle with the set. I accept that I need to reposition the letters, after swiping on dye ink, or if you are very gentle dabbing on pigment ink, you might get away with it. This is a much more affordable set than the Just Right sets of positionable stamps. I’ve had no problems with ink collecting on the edges of the stamp around the outside of the letter, as they are deeply etched. I look forward to collecting the other stamp sets in this series.   


Making Memories   

Making Memories; Magnetic Stamp set   

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon   

Billie 🙂


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