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Hi All

Just wanted to share a pic of my new sewing book

Pattern Making book

Pattern Making book

Its Patternmaking for a perfect fit by Steffani Lincecum. I took her Patter Drafting from Ready to Wear class on Craftsy (once I worked out how to turn the HD off) and loved the class. She mentioned her book during the first episode and as our connection to the internet is flakey I decided to order the book. The class online covered using your favourite item of clothing and creating a paper pattern from it.

I have a shirt which I love and wear lots but fashions change so fast that there isn’t anything quite like it around and getting something to fit is so tricky I would love to make a copy of this shirt. Its got to be almost 20 years old so no chance of getting a replacement. In the book Steff covers making patterns from; a skirt, a dress, a blouse and a handbag. I’d like to copy some trousers but the online class assured me that once you have your head around the technique the same principles apply to any garment.

I attempted to copy a t-shirt which, I thought would be a simple place to start but I’ve managed to get the shoulder pieces different widths for front and back so I’ll have a good read of the book to see where I’ve gone wrong. I used the jigsaw together type of play mat that I bought for blocking knitting stuff on to pin the shirt too and pin through to the paper, found a spiky tracing wheel in my late Mother’s sewing box. The concept went well, just need more practice.

The book also makes mention of how to approximate how much fabric your pattern will need and some assembly tips too. I’ll do a full review once I’ve had chance to have a proper read. In the mean time if you want a copy for yourself the ISBN number is; 978-0-8230-2666-1

Still trying to work out how to pad the dressform I bagged on Ebay last winter. She’s got as far as a bra on her padded to size but I’m struggling how to get the rest of her to size no wonder I can’t buy clothes that fit eh! I’d love to drape on her but being an adjustable one the gaps are a problem. Being 5′ 3″ the top section is going to be ok with the form closed, some padding in the bra sorts out the bust. There is quite a gap in the lower section so I’m considering closing the form and mummifying her to the lower proportions. It would be nice if Crafsty did a class on how to transfer your body measurements to a dress form and how to pad one, it sure explains why there are so many forms on the auction sites, sounds like others get overwhelmed and just sell them on too.

What are you sewing at the moment? If you have a well loved item that you would love to recreate check out

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