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Welcome back.

In the last in this series of articles ‘Changing the way you Craft’,  todays offering is for those of you who do like to make the same card more than once.  Have you ever made a card and then wished you actually didn’t have to send it to someone, or have sent such a card to someone, intending you make another to keep, then forgotten which colours or stamps you used. If this sounds like you, read on, there are a few ways to solve this.

  1. You could take a photo of your cards and store them on your computer or print them out. This is a good record to look back on to see how your craft tastes evolve over the years.
  2. Each time you make something you want to keep, you could make a second card and store this in a box or display folder/scrapbook.
  3. You could make a recipe card of how you created your card and what materials you used for it.
  4. You could make written notes, next to a picture of your card in a note book. List materials that you used.

The first method is fine if you don’t want to make a extra cards, but would like to keep a record of what you have made. If you want to be able to easily recreate your cards then a consider using  2,3 or 4.

2 & 3 can be combined by making a spare card to keep, then on the back make your notes of what was used to create it. If you sell your cards then you will probably wish to keep your notes in a seperate place, in this case use method 4.

I keep the first card of any design I make and either store it in a box, or put it into a folder. The folder is useful if you are selling cards and want to have something to show potential customers, and then take orders from there. I have a seperate note book where I have done a very simplistic sketch of my card designs and listed all the items used to create it and notes as to how I made it. This is handy if someone asks you to make a card that you haven’t made in ages.   If you aren’t sure which shade of ink/ribbon you used as it was a while ago, just look it up in your note book. You will need to number your cards, so that you have a way of matching instructions to finished cards, especially if you make a series that are very similar to each other.

If you are handy with a computer you could do the note book version on screen instead. Using a wordprocessing program such as word, you can insert a digital photo of your card and write the ‘recipe’ for it next to its picture. This massively cuts down on storage as you don’t have physical cards to store. But you do need to be handy with a camera to get a decent picture. If you have a scanner with your printer most cards come up better if you scan them in, you don’t need to worry too much about lighting then.

Here is a picture of my note book to give you an idea of how it works out, and also a picture of the storage box that my cards are stored in.

Card log notebook

Box of completed Cards

The box is from WH Smiths and is designed to hold photographs, since I have tended to make A6 cards it is perfect. I do use a different box for over sized cards.

Well after a busy week, I think we all deserve the weekend off. There have been a lot of new ideas to get your teeth into, let me know how you get on. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon.

Best Wishes.



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