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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Marble Art; Full kit.

Marbling 4 Fun; Marbling kit

Marbling 4 Fun; Marbling kit

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Marbling 4 Fun/ Marble Art Kit
  • RRP at time of writing: £35

Reason For Buying

I’ve always wanted to try marbling on paper but in the past it looked so complicated and kits were expensive. I saw this kit demonstrated on Create and Craft, but on the makers own site they also had marbling combs, so I bought from them as the pattern I most wanted to create would need a comb.


  • Marbling paints: White, Yellow, Blue, Red and Black. 50gms of each
  • Alum crystals. 30grms
  • Floater Powder 40 gms
  • 8 Pipettes
  • Instruction sheet
  • A6 box for storage and to marble in.



  • Fun
  • Simple to do
  • Colours are mixable so you can mix any colours you like from the core kit
  • Neither the paints nor the floater mix smell, I am sensitive to highly fragranced products but neither gave me any issues.
  • Storage box the kit comes in becomes the tray you marble in
  • Bright colours from first prints
  • Later prints become lighter as there is less paint on the floater, you get beautiful faded pastel shades with later prints.


  • Needs a bit of prep for the area you want to marble in as papers take a good while to dry off
  • Best done in a room with a hard floor in case of spills
  • In a domestic situation, you would probably want to keep cats/dogs/ younger kids out of the room where you do this or where papers are drying, or they might walk on or or lick the gooey papers.

Build Quality

Excellent, does what it says on the tin. I like the fact that the tray that you marble in is also a storage box for the kit, which when you are short of space is helpful. The lids of the paints are easy to remove but also very secure.

Value for Money

Excellent. Its an affordable price for trying a new hobby.

Extras you will need

Its always advisable to keep craft and food items separate, so bear in mind you will also need the following items to get started, on top of the main kit.

  • Dedicated bowl (that will accept near boiling water), to mix the floater powder in.
  • Whisk also for mixing the floater powder.
  • Bottle of deionized water, the best prints are created with soft water, even bottled waters are hard so use deionized water for the best results (see Links)
  • A screw top bottle to store your mixed floater water. Once made up, it will last up to 3 months if stored in the fridge.
  • Air tight pots for your mixed paint, such as the little pots that used to contain 35mm film for cameras. (available from the company if you haven’t got any horded away)
  • Protect your working area with plastic, such as cut open bin liners 😉
  • Some extra pipettes if you want to mix loads of colours.

You will also use LOADS of kitchen paper to clean the tray between prints and a bucket to put the wet waste paper into is essential.

Optional Extras

  • Combs to create patterns in the paint, you can use paper clips etc but the company does sell a small comb.
  • Get the Violet paint! Its not in the main kit but it is beautiful, so if you budget will let you get it.
  • If you don’t want the paint to stain your fingers you can wear protective gloves
Marbling 4 Fun; Marbling kit plus Violet paint and a comb to help create patterns

Marbling 4 Fun; Marbling kit plus Violet paint and a comb to help create patterns

Would I buy it Again?

Yes, because I love the effects.

Summing up

If you have always wanted to marble but been put off by a lot of expensive kit, this is a great place to start. The finished results are superb from bright vivid colours for your first print out to pastels if you take later prints from the same paints on the tray.

Best to do this in a kitchen or on an area with a hard floor in case of spills and keep a plastic bucket next to you for the kitchen paper you use to clean off the tray with. I did this in the studio and cut open bin bags to cover the table for a wide area, had some disposable gloves so I didn’t colour my hands too. I put the marbling box on a tray and put layers of butchers paper for the prints to dry on.

After a marbling session

After a marbling session

Stick your mixed paint pots down! I thought I didn’t need to and when I stood the pipette in it, gravity tipped it over! I used a curl of masking tape and it held the camera pots to the side of the box nicely.

I stuck my pots to the tray with masking tape.

I stuck my pots to the tray with masking tape.

My papers took overnight to dry in an unheated outside studio. The papers will be covered in a layer of floater mix which feel a bit like light hair gel, so it does get messy but its lots of fun. The results were much better than I expected and by storing the floater mix in the fridge it can last up to 3 months after you first mix it. So you get a lot of prints from each batch of floater.

Messy but marvellous, does what it says on the tin! Its a lot of fun and the marbling effects are addictive and beautiful.


If you would like to try this kit for yourself, check out the links below. Marble Arts do ship internationally too.

Marbling 4 Fun website

Full Marbling Kit

Deionized water

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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