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Welcome Back

Last week I reviewed the Me To You (Tatty Teddy) CD and mentioned there wasn’t a crop tool and that although there were options for square project templates, some of the background papers I wanted to use were rectangular on the; All Occassions CD. Well I had a play and found a solution. So today I’ll share a tutorial for how to make square paper from the rectangular one supplied.

You Will Need

  • A computer and a mouse or graphics tablet.
  • Me To You CD with Docrafts digital Designer installed on your computer.


This is simple, promise, it only looks long as I’m writing EVERY step. Just in case this is your first time with the program.

  • Double click on your Docrafts designer to open the program
  • Open your blank square page or blank square card by clicking on it from the on screen list
  • On the right you see your discs, choose one and click on it. From the list of items on the disc, choose background papers. Pick the one you want to use and drag it onto your project.

When you first bring on a paper it is often larger than your project. Notice the brad like buttons on the corners and edges of the paper, you use these to alter the size. To stop the design on the paper (or image, the same goes for them too), from distorting you need to drag from a corner, any one will do. Lets use the top left corner to keep it simple. Drag by clicking on the ‘brad’ and while holding the mouse button down, move toward the right.

If your background paper is rectangular and you want a square then do the following.

  • Say you want to keep a white border around the card and the paper is a mat. Drag the corner to reduce the background paper’s size. You will need to move the paper around on your project, until you have it lined up with the top, the left and the right hand edges.
  • Click on  the OPTIONS tab. (It’s on the top right of the screen.)
  •  At the bottom of the list in the options tab is a section called COLOUR OPTIONS.
  • Click on the DOCRAFTS DIGI PUNCH ( It has a little butterfly on it).

If your Digi punch and other buttons are grey and don’t work. You just need to select your paper again first. Do this by just clicking on your paper, on your project, then the buttons will work 😉

  • After clicking the DIGI PUNCH button a new window will open. From the list choose BASIC SHAPES
  • From the shape images, click on the square. It will have a blue box round it when you have clicked on it.
  • Click on SELECT

There is now a pink square on your background paper, this is the punch. It will be in the top left of your paper.

  • Look for the ‘brads’ in the corners of the punch and drag the bottom right corner down to the right. Do this until the right edge of the punch meets the right edge of your paper. As long as you didn’t move the punch from its starting point, this will now give you  a perfect square.  
  • At the bottom of the page you will see the following buttons; Cancel, Inside, Outside, Done,
  • Click on INSIDE then DONE

There you have it square paper 🙂


Hope that helps you 🙂  Check out the Digital Docrafts site for their own tutorial videos.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon.

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

In today’s post I will be reviewing; Especially For You. The Tatty Teddy CD for paper crafting.

Especially for You Double Disc. Me To You

Especially for You Double Disc. Me To You

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Docrafts/ Me To You
  • Item number; MTY 756100
  • RRP at time of writing: I bought this at an introduction price of £39.99. Full rrp is around £60


Quote from packaging; A collection of digital papers, decoupage, toppers and more. Everything you need to create beautiful handmade papercraft projects.

Reason For Buying

I saw this on its launch of Create and Craft as a pick of the day. I adore Tatty Teddy and the fact the discs include Docrafts Digital Designer and thus allow for you to resize, layer, colourise items on the disc. Include blank page sizes, card templates and gift bags using images on the disc gave it a lot of scope for being creative with the images. At £39.99 I pounced!



  • Lots of background papers
  • Toppers with and without text
  • Characters
  • Bows
  • Boarders
  • Elements
  • Verses
  • Bring in your own photos
  • Colourise tool to allow you to alter background colour images
  • Flip tool to let you make mirror images of items on the disc
  • Templates for cards, blank pages, gift bags
  • Transparency tool for a faded velum look. Excellent as although it is a slider you get a number value too, useful if you want to fade out the rest of the project to the same level of transparency.
  • Drop shadows, you can vary the angle and transparency of the shadow too.
  • Resize any of the images and layer them up for your custom projects
  • Online tutorials on their website and You Tube

Advertised as free updates to the Docrafts Digital Designer program, for the life of the product. You need to turn on your internet access AND THEN open the program to get the page where it tells you about the updates 😉


I’ve only just started using this, so I’ll update this if I’m wrong but at the time of writing.

  • Needs a crop tool. They have added square blank page templates and card sizes as a result of customer enquiries. (Thanks to the updates 😉 ) But the papers I’ve opened so far are rectangular. To keep the image correct (not distorted) you need to drag a corner of a paper. It will then also stay a rectangle, so won’t fit the square projects cleanly. (It MAY be that the program doesn’t print outside the template boundaries but if you are leaving a little white border on your design it doesn’t fit). The crop tool would let you resize to your card size and trim off any area you don’t want to keep. Perhaps there is an option in the punches that I haven’t tried yet. Maybe I should have used a square punch on the paper and then dragged the corner from there????
  • Can’t link layers yet! If you are making a design you want to duplicate across a page, for little tags etc and have layered things up, it would be helpful if it could let you move things together.
  • You have to think ahead if you want to make several small projects on a flat page, you can’t have two documents open at the same time and drag an earlier design onto a blank flat sheet to allow you to print more than one on a page.
  • Thumbnail previews are too small to read text on. You have to drag them onto the workspace to see whats on them.

These are just niggles. I’m used to Photoshop and Serif Craft Artist. Docrafts Digital Designer seems to be in its early stages and they say they are adding more tools over time. Since they say you get free updates as they add functionality then that’s superb.

It’s still a fab program, especially if you are new and if you haven’t used whizzy programs, you probably wouldn’t miss the tools just mentioned.

Build Quality

Good. Classic Microsoft keyboard shortcuts don’t work (like control c for copy etc) but they have buttons for functions instead. With a few more tools this would be even better.

Value for Money

Excellent! I bought this for £39.99 on its launch on C&C and for that I’m really pleased. You have plenty of options and good content. I can think of lots of projects to make with this and if you or your friends love Tatty Teddy, it will save you a fortune on these style of cards.

 Would I buy it Again?

At £39.99 yes. The full rrp for this is said to be around £60, personally I wouldn’t have paid that much, knowing the tools that are currently on the designer at this time. I say that as they seem to update the software as they go, so more tools and functionality may be added over time. 

Serious Tatty Teddy fans would argue that even at £60 it is a bargain, for the amount of content included and the multiple options on projects you can make. If you are making lots from this, then its true. If an average Tatty Teddy card is £5 then after just 12 cards alone, it has paid for itself at £60. Once you add in the papers, which you can use to create anything with, toppers for gift tags plus all the other content, which will let you create some wonderful projects in card styles you just can’t get in the shops. Great value.

Summing up

If you are new to computer crafting, this is a good introduction, plenty of options for just printing whats there,(background papers and decoupage sheets). Not too many tools to confuse you. If you have used computer software to digi create in the past, you will quickly find your way round the simple tools and explore the possibilities.

The free Digital Designer software program updates for the life of the program is fantastic! As extra templates and tools get added you can get them too (as long as you have internet access).

Nice images for all ages and all occasions, if you love Tatty Teddy you’ll love this CD. Would also make an excellent gift for any Tatty Teddy fan.


Here are links to the makers websites for more information about the program and its software.

  • Digital Docrafts Designer This is the creative editor that allows you to alter the images on the CD
  • How to videos How to get started with the Digital Docrafts Designer software
  • Docrafts.com This is the paper side of the company, there are also paper kits available as well as stamps in this range.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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