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Welcome Back

I think this may be what they call Blue Monday? Perhaps its the perfect time to share this art concept with you. You Tube did that, ‘you may like this’ recomendation the other night and BOY were they right. If you are really stressed, over think, have that 3am and brain won’t shut up, or are giving yourself a hard time today, grab a pen and paper and read on. I found making this art soo soothing. Its definately all about the process of making it, its soo soothing. If you like colouring in and zentangle, maybe you will like this too. If you found zentangle hard going on hands and eyes, this one is a great alternative.

Here is my first try with Neurographic art, January 2022.

About this art style.

  1. Its called Neuro Grapic art
  2. You don’t need lots of art supplies to do it
  3. Regular pen or pencil and sheet of any paper will do, to get started
  4. If you like colouring in, it takes your brain to that same zen space
  5. Its easier on the hands (and eyes) than Zen tangle
  6. Please watch the videos in the links section for the how too, and background of it.
  7. For me, I found it helpful to ease racing and distressing thoughts
  8. Its about the process, rather than the final piece of art. Its the process of creating it, that gives the brain a softer place to be for a while.
  9. There is some science behind this and has been used in therapy, see videos who go into the detail of some of that. but short version, to quote Ruby Wax ‘Brains are not great at multi tasking’. So if you are in a distressing headspace, if you can give them something soothing to focus on, and are able to send all your attention to that, they drop the other stuff.

I’m not trained in any of this, so can’t make claims as to what it will or won’t do for you. I am someone who struggles with anxiety, depression, and the over thinking racing thoughts that come with that and I did find making this art, took my head to softer safer kinder places.

As a child I used to scribble and later come back in and colour in the gaps, this seems to be taking it to another level. I can see it being a helpful tool for my anxiety managing tool box. I can use this just as a doodling distraction in and of itself. I can also use it around times when Im really stuck in the over thinking, rumination and 3am brain won’t turn off, by doing the advice in the first video, of writing the thing I’m stressing about, on the back of the paper, turn paper over, and then scribble a few seconds. Then let brain drift to kinder places as I focus just on finding the connections and curving those lines.

In looking up the links for this post, I have now found a certified trainer in this and linked her videos below. Take your pic as to where your interest and current head space allows.

Rather than writing it all out, its much easier to watch than to explain. These first two are the you might like this ones that You Tube showed me, simple to get you started. The later ones are from a certified instructor in the method and are more indepth, especially toward the theraputic side of the method.

  1. You Tube channel: Bethany Thiele, Art Teacher
    Video name: Neurographic Art Tutorial : Mindfulness In Art https://youtu.be/NoIgdt-uQR0 This is a good one as it walks you through the process more slowly.
  2. You Tube channel name Emmanuel School of Fine ArtsVideo name neurographic drawing art lesson https://youtu.be/XZf4Fbr6dU0 This was the first one I saw, but its been listed as ‘you tube kids’ so you can’t add it to favorites, which is a shame.

These next ones are more indepth and focused on the therapy side of this from a certified teacher, Anna Romanenko

  1. You Tube channel NeuroGraphic Academy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzaHdD70WRnL6rprZVVbaBw
  2. YouTube channel NeurographicaAcademy. Video name Neurographica online class. NeuroTree of my Health https://youtu.be/ei-AxcAYXvk This one is is indepth, coming at it from the therapy side of things.
  3. NeuroGraphica Introduction Class. Basic elements and steps. Lifting Inner Constraints. For Beginners https://youtu.be/UaphPkS9fYQ

Oops another really long post. I got really excited about this last night and my first go with it went very well. My aim with the blog, is to share ideas and tips that have helped my in my journey. I hope they help you too, however what helps or does not, is a very individual thing. It is not my intention to say, this will work for you in the same way. You do you, always.

Being honest, on the page I’m on right now, which is early grief, and very stressed out. I can’t process the more indepth videos, that Anna has posted. The first two I posted, are enough for getting started and the other links, will be more useful for reasearch and education, when I’m on firmer ground.

Hope you enjoy the process of this art style. Either trying it yourself or with more research on the video sites, maybe watching others create it. Looks like there are a few variations on the theme, so have fun exploring all that. I think this is one I’ll try for a while, it was less painful on my limited dexterity than zentangle was. I liked how it looked a bit like marbled paper or inkblot tests. Mostly though, I enjoyed the process and how it took my brain to softer place for a while

Best wishes, thanks for reading, See you soon

Billie x

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Welcome Back

Today a book review with a difference. I wanted a book to inspire me, to lift me through strife n stress and perhaps help me to view the world in a different, less negative way. A book to inspire me to create art and heal my heart. This one is working.

365 Tao; Daily Meditations

365 Tao; Daily Meditations

  • Title: 365 Tai; Daily Meditations
  • Author: Deng Ming-Dao
  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • ISBN: 978-0-06-250223-0

My Reason for Buying

Do you ever feel like the world spins to fast, do you ever fall off. However fast you go the world just gets faster and its harder and harder to keep up. As I said at the start I wanted a ‘thought for the day’ kind of book, one to inspire me to create and the feel differently about the day to day stresses that I struggle to cope with. I tell you this as often a review is based on how well the book lived up to the expectations of its reader, for their purpose 😉


Each day there is a ‘word for the day’ It has an accompanying poem and explanation along with an ideogram a nice calligraphic touch.



  • Love the short nature of each page, but there is plenty to contemplate by the words and meanings inferred in each entry.
  • I found the words both supporting and thought provoking
  • Available in Kindle or Paperback so you can choose your format.
  • Easier to understand than some books I’ve looked at on the subject


Not really a con, just be aware  that if at first you don’t understand the explanation, re read the page a few times during the day. It can feel like a chat with Yoda (No offence meant) and you can be left thinking ‘Whats that about’; but when you mull it over more it sinks in better. Its rather nice that you can take your own inference to what is being said rather than being ‘told’ to do or think a particular way so I very much enjoyed this book.

Value for Money


Would I buy it Again?

Yes, I’m finding the print a little small and fine for my dyslexia and I can see me buying this on the Kindle format as well.

Summing up

Highly recommend this book, it is everything I hoped it would be and more. If you are struggling with the modern world, sometimes what you need is not to run harder and faster but to stop and listen. Make a cup of tea etc sit down quietly and read a page a day. If you are stressed out, searching but you know not what for, then this book is for you. I can see this book inspiring art work in the future but for right now I’m enjoying the peace each page is bringing by allowing me to find a different meaning to day to day feelings and circumstances.

De-stress and inspire a new way to look at the world with this book.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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