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Do you love to create backgrounds with mixed media then fall in love with them and just ‘save them’? Scan them into your computer and you can do so much more with them. This is a great way to be able to use them time and again. This was a really bright vivid photo layered over with one of my grungie acrylic backgrounds I showed you earlier in the week. Love the effect, what do you think?

Mixed media digi art. Floral photo meets acrylic painting

Mixed media digi art. Floral photo meets acrylic painting

Scan your favourite art projects into your computer

A while ago I was watching a tutorial on You Tube about someone making marbled paper, he said he scanned the results into his computer then could print them when ever he wanted too. Brilliant idea! I have played with acrylics and made some lovely backgrounds in the last few weeks and loved them so much they were going into the save box. Now I’ve scanned them into the computer at 1200 dpi, so I have the option of using them for digital art, or printed for papers for all kinds of things.

The images will be great for layering over other photos for grunging them up, perhaps making my own digikits to use with Serif software. Either way, its a great to design the backgrounds I love and be able to get more than one use from them. Its also great for card making/papercrafting or for using with all kinds of mixed media projects.

What if I paint something ugly?

We all do it, a background is going so well then you splosh on a new colour and hate what you get. You could try layering over it with papers or more paint OR just put the result in a box and ignore it for a bit. Your tastes change over time and if you come back to the piece another day, you often don’t remember the original plan and look at it with new eyes.

Take your favourite backgrounds and turn them into digital files for so much fun.

If you have a printer that has a scanner ontop, give this a go, you can bring your scans into Serif or Photoshop or similar and change the opacity of layers as well as adding all kinds of elements. Its a lot of fun and easy to do, I’m going to hunt through my box of favourite backgrounds and get scanning.

Hope you give it a try too, best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂




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