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Welcome Back

Thank you for your patience while I gave my hands and brain a blog rest. It gave me some thinking time and now I’m back in love with the blog and bursting with ideas. Its amazing how many ideas that came to me, while I wasn’t actively searching for them, they just flowed. I guess stopping to smell the proverbial roses from time to time is a good idea.

Budgets being what they are for us all, there aren’t the funds for lots of new stuff, so I have started a new challenge I’m calling Stash Dive. This isn’t a new concept on the internet or blogland I know, but its new to me.

The idea behind stash diving is; that I’ll have a rummage through my stash and make myself a kit, a bundle of items that I want to use to inspire me to create that month. We are all guilty of rushing at the latest thing and forgetting how much wonderful stuff we have, just waiting for us in the cupboard.

Here’s my stash dive for September

Stash Dive #1. September 2013

Stash Dive #1. September 2013

Ok bit of a confession, in that the book is new (break your own rules much!) but I took online classes AGES ago with Julie Prichard and gathered a lot of materials that have been neglecting, so a nose through the book will re-inspire me. I also want to give art journalling another go, for too long I’ve been over-thinking it and its put me off. So I took some watercolour paper cut it to a comfortable size, not too big to be intimidating, single sheets so if I hate a result it doesn’t have to go in the final book.

This art journal will give me somewhere to do what I love, make backgrounds, I LOVE making backgrounds and experimenting with colour, so I’ll share my progress with you here. It will be so good to get back to paint, colour and paper, fingers crossed the hands will let me play, even if its only for short periods.

Chronic pain sucks and is so tiring you don’t have head space to be creative. I’ve put together a happy box, books and magazines to enjoy when I get stuck in days/weeks/months of pain with no use of hands so I can still be inspired. If you too suffer one of those conditions that leave you stuck in all sences of the word, make life a little ligher by gathering some of your favorite items, things to keep you entertained and give you something other than the pain to think about. It might not ease the pain but it sure stops your head getting quite so sad about it all.

I’m making the most of any opportunity my body gives me to create and enjoy the wonderful materials I have before the cold weather kicks off.


Art Journalling

Have you always wanted to art journal too? Check out the tutorial I wrote last year for tips on making your own journal and we can play along together on the stash dive.

Remember keep it simple, it only needs a few sheets of your favorite paper, borrow the hole punch before the kids go back to school with it, and punch the pages. If you haven’t got book rings you can always use ribbon or string to tie the pages together. Now you can take a page out to work on it without fear of damaging the other pages around it. Have fun, I’d love to see your journals and lets see what painty, inky, fun we can get up too.

Hope you all had a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing and hearing what you have all been up too as well.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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