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Today I’d like to share a couple of pictures of my first marbled pages. These were created using the Marbling 4 Fun kit which I reviewed last week.

My first marbled pages

My first marbled pages

I was really pleased with how these prints turned out, the colours were very bright and vibrant on the first print and got more pastel as further prints were taken from the original paint layer. This is great as it makes for a lot of versatility in design. You can also alter your later print with more manipulation of the existing paint or add more in some areas for a light and dark effect on the same design.

They tell you to use the pipettes to mix the paint on each application, I wonder if the textured effect (which I quite like) was due to my ‘over mixing’ the paint in this way.

My second marbled page. Second generation of paint.

My second marbled page. Second generation of paint.

This was ordinary 80 gsm copier paper and I also marbled onto paper torn from an old book. This was a great way to use the second generation of ink, do it a few times on several sheets to remove all but the last trace of paint from the tray. They get very pale with later generations but if you plan to use them to stamp over, that’s no problem.

What do you think? Have you ever tried marbling? Would love to see your results if you have this kit too.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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