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New Arrival

Welcome Back

Today a totally off topic post🙂 My other passion in life is my beautiful budgies. We were a flock of five, but it was a bad year, in April poor Blue died, then in June; Sky passed away. Everyone was sad, even the boys (Minty, Harry & Tiny)were depressed for several months. After a while Tiny and Harry became best buds but left out poor Minty.

Had hoped things would settle but after a few weeks of punch ups, then they ignored Minty and all the while, he feeds the swing :(  Well the good news is, thanks to MIL sending us to the pet shop to get peanuts for the wild birds, we now have a new edition to the feathered family. He is still un-named yet, so feel free to post some nice suggestions for names. Will get a picture of him up tomorrow, as this post is already late!

New budgie is a beautiful turquoise colour with a green tail, very lovely purple cheek patches. Still very timid but just finding his voice and gives the occasional chirp. He’s daft as a brush and keeps diving head first into the seed pot and kicking the seed around. Seed pot mining was just what Minty and Sky used to do….bless.

Freebies on Friday😉 sorry for the late postings, internet is not too great at the moment. Have scheduled friday’s post so it goes up on time.

Best wishes and thanks for reading


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