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Hi All

Welcome back, hope you all had a wonderful time over Christmas. Just had to share a picture of the wonderful gifts my friends and family gave me this Christmas.

Christmas Goodies 2010

Christmas Goodies 2010


Yes that is a Kindle snuggled under the tree, I’m getting on really well with it and if you have Dyslexia like me I can recommend giving one a go. They don’t solve all the problems and I still need to use my coloured overlays with it, but its very versatile and helps greatly. Also good if you suffer from limited dexterity, I struggle to hold the pages of a book open for long, so the Kindle is much easier for me to handle. I’ll be doing a proper review of it in a few weeks, once I had a longer play with it.

Look at the lovely books too! My wonderful hubby got me the sewing books, I’d had these titles on constant loan from the library for AGES and he got them for me YEY!!!! GM gave me the Bag book and the Polymer Clay one too. There are some amazing projects in these books. I’ve already reviewed the other titles but will review these new ones during the coming year.

Not yet pictured as not yet assembled is a new desk, also from Hubby. I can’t use the sewing machine on the dining room table as it’s not really very sturdy for that kind of thing. It’s often far too cold to spend time in my studio during the winter months as it hasn’t any insulation or proper heating. So DH bought me a desk that I can have in the dining room. Looking forward to having a nice new workspace and will share pics once I have them.

Struggling on the health front again, travelling in the car visiting relatives during Christmas has set off the whiplash again 😦 getting highly board of being in constant pain again! I was born without patience at the best of times and was really hoping for a healthier New Year. Trying to stay warm and resting up, so things settle again.

It’s been a wonderful Christmas and was white (there was lying snow left from the previous week). Hope you have had a lovely time too.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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