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Welcome Back 

Last week I was telling you about my new baby budgie, who came home Monday 30th November. Today I’d like to share a few pictures of him. After a lot of thought, I have decided to call him Robin. It’s near Christmas, so I thought it would be appropriate. Also he is a bit of a muppet and Kermit’s brother/nephew was called Robin 🙂 (Shhh don’t tell DH about the Muppet connection, he would think it was tragic!) hehe. 

This is Robin, my little baby budgie.

He is settling well and Minty is calling to him across the room and Robin calls back! A lot! hehe So fingers crossed once they all get in together in January they will get along just fine. Have to keep them separate for a month to make sure he isn’t carrying any nasties.  

A closer view of Robin, my little budgie who came home with us on Monday 30th Nov 2009

Robin is a very pretty turquoise colour, but it is tricky to show the colour in the photographs. The cage is half-covered as he is still very young yet, and having covered sides helps little one’s feel more secure. 

Robin, up close. Bit blurry as he never stays still.

More crafting later in the week…promise 😉 

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon 

Billie 🙂


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