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Welcome Back

As you can see there is now a new header at the top of the blog…don\’t worry the rest of the blog will stay pretty much the same. I just thought you might see the picture and wonder if you were still in the right place 😉 I wanted to add one of my books to the header, as bookbinding plays such a big part of the blog. The digital bird reflects the fact I do, occasionally at least, dabble in digital crafting.

Link Updates

Thanks to a crash course in HTML editing I am in the process of going back through older posts and tidying up some of the ugly way I used to link to places. Now I\’ve learnt how to hide the code, it makes the pages much more readable.

You Tube

Just a heads up, now that the header has changed I will be re uploading my videos to You Tube to include the new image… I thought you would like to know in case you have saved them to favorites or put them on your site. When I have the new ones posted I will add a dedicated post to let you know the new links to the films.

The original posts that I made including the You Tube films, will be updated. If you have linked to those posts here, rather than direct to the film you won\’t need to change anything.

Coming Soon

April is dedicated to a series of tutorials about how to go about creating  and adding your own films to your blog. That series will go up Tuesdays & Thursdays. There will be lots of ATC pictures on our normal posting days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not forgetting the Challenges set at the start of the month.

A Little Thank You for your time

I would just like to thank you all for your continued support of this blog and my video projects as well. It has surprised me just how many people read this blog and I am very grateful to each and every one of you, for taking time out of your busy lives to spend a little time here.

This started out as just a small project and in the space of a year has grown much larger than I could have imagined. Who thought I would be posting tutorials on You Tube…not me that\’s for sure!  It really is a case of Its all in the Journey, I\’m just following my nose, as they say and seeing where it leads me.

Where will your crafting journey take you?


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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