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Welcome Back

We made it through another year, and now a new one is upon us. Regular viewers will know I don’t do New Years resolutions, all that I will, I must, rules rules rules that are more about telling yourself off. It’s no wonder by March most have been long forgotten. In their place, I  make a list of things I’d like to try. New things or things I have in my stash but rarely use, now we all have lots of that right? This is a great way to make it through the early months of the year when funds are so tight too.

So for 2013, here’s my wish list.

Digital Art: I’d like to experiment with digital art. Melting images together, that sort of thing. I have Photoshop and some texture images, I’d like to find out how to bring them together with photos to get more arty with it. Art Journalling plus 🙂

Digikits: I have loads of digikits but either I stick to my favorites or I just search out a particular image. When rummaging through my kits the other day,there were loads that had great stuff on that I haven’t tried before. I’m going to challenge myself to create from a particular kit (with some extras) to stretch my digital palette.

Acrylics & mediums: Now that I have a great collection of paints and mediums, I’m going to have fun exploring with them and share my results with you.

Pencils & Drawing: When dexterity allows, I’m going to explore more with pencils in my art. I have gathered some great supplies, a new book and some DVDs that will help.

Altered art: I want to try to get hold of some boxes and the like and experiment with painting techniques.

Textures: I adore textures, I want to get lots of photos of as many as I can, firstly to use with the digital stuff but also to inspire me with paint techniques.

Photography: I have a great little Cannon Ixus camera, I’ll try to find out more about getting the photos I want to take, using it.

Chocolate. I want to explore in the kitchen and learn how to make more food at home, have had to rely on pre prepped stuff due to health issues but it’s not great. When my body allows I want to try to make more food from scratch. I fancy trying to make chocolates too….could get messy!!!

HAD to show you these;

My First presentable mince pies

My First presentable mince pies

My first mince pies to come out looking presentable. OK I know the pastry is too thick but its the first time I’ve had any success rolling it out!

How about you, stuff the punishments in New Years Resolutions, what would you REALLY like to do this year. Leave me a comment to let me know your dreams for 2013.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

Here at Billie’s Craft Room I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions, they seem to be such a negative thing to do. Why would you keep a resolution that seems to be more about punishment than enjoyment. For this reason I go for a more positive approach, by making a list of things I’d really like to try in the coming year.

  • Bag making
  • Quick small projects
  • Handmade Gifts
  • Make a clock
  • Painting

2011; Textiles

Don’t be put off by the title if you come to this blog for the paper crafting, I’ll still be doing lots of this. Each year I try to focus on a particular subject to learn more about. Gathering information, books, suppliers and supplies etc, this year I’m going to do a big push on textiles.

Back in June 2010, I was very lucky in that my family bought me a sewing machine for my birthday. Due to lack of funds I’ve not had much in the way of fabric to practice on, so I need to save for some fabric and get going with the machine. My main interest is making bags, and hope to learn more about this in the year, with a view to making bags as gifts for people for next Christmas.

That said, as with all new techniques it takes a while to learn your way round new surfaces (fabrics) and machines and I was born without much patience. So to save my sanity and keep my regular readers you will still be hearing lots about paper crafting. Must get back to making more books too.

So, my question is, what would you like to try in 2011? 

Make a list of things you love doing or would like to try, then choose a few that seem possible and give them a go.

Times are tough on the financial front, we are all having to cut back on luxuries but that doesn’t mean all doom and gloom. If cleaning out your craft room is on your to do list, you are BOUND to find things you had forgotten you had. Products or techniques that you used to love but have been lost to the back of the cupboard. Give yourself rewards if have done something you hate doing, this could be as simple as putting your feet up with a book, or a long bubble bath. Not all rewards are financial or calory based 😉

Leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to do in 2011.

I’ve always wanted to

I love to

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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