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Welcome Back

If anyone spots Olympic Archery of whatever kind on a freeview available channel, pretty please can you tweet me?


I’ll RT so others can see it too. Here’s my Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/BillieCraftRoom

I then promise to stop posting stroppy tweets bemoaning whats going on, where did the archery go.

The plan being with enough of us keeping an eye out, we’ll notice if it comes on.

Somewhat off topic today, and I promise the ONLY blog post I’ll make relating the Olympics., not everyone is a fan and that isn’t what this blog is about.

Reason being; DH has tasked me with recording all archery coverage available on freeview during the games. This was fine when I could set it and walk away but the schedlues have gone to pot and now you need a bank of TVs like on Springwatch to have any hope of finding whats on and when. Perhaps a crystal ball would be of more help. Have tried ‘following’ BBC sport etc for updates but until this morning they didn’t say a word about schedule changes.

We have limited internet access so haven’t the option of watching it online nor do we have satalite, just freeview, so here is my request.

Many many thanks


Back to more creative projects and posts next time x.


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