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Welcome Back

Not having satalite tv makes accessing craft shows with tutorials only possible with the internet. I’mnot sure how I found this site but it is truely inspiring. There are weekly shows posted on a Friday for the Papercraft side of the site known as The Scrapbook Lounge. Now don’t stop reading if Scrapbooking isn’t your thing as the demo’s on www.tvweekly.com cover all kinds of papercrafting.

My favourite presenter on TV Weekly is Tricia Morris, this is because it is mainly her that shows bookbinding demo’s. Here are some links to my favorite shows of hers that feature bookbinding.

Update: Links have been removed as they are no longer live

Well after the link fest hehe there are other presenters on TV Weekly too, and they also cover all kinds of papercrafting. Just in case paper crafting isn’t your thing they also have a channel known as Plum and Verdigris on the same site and that caters for jewelery makers. Both channels have video demonstrations. If you sign up to their website you can download PDF files which show step by step the project featured in that weeks show.


The presenters are currently on ‘holiday’ and there are no new shows scheduled till the fall??? In the mean time you can still watch all the shows in the archive section. A great way to spend a wet afternoon or chilly autumn evening. Check it out, there is so much inspiration on there.

Update June 2009

Please note that the site mentioned above is no longer functioning. Some of the papercraft shows are available along with their design guides on the Club Scrap, as mentioned in this more recent post.



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