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Welcome Back

Anyone else keep seeing lovely sewn projects and wish you could play along? Zips terrify me, I know I can do them really as I made a zip up cushion cover in school but I’m really bewildered by the process. I’d heard about Craftsy online classes from a sewing forum so I tried them out. Here’s my first finnished zip, I’ve left in tacking stuff so I can write notes how I did it. I did iron it but then forgot about it and put it in the cupboard so its a bit… distressed hehe

Centered zips, after doing the Craftsy class.

Centered zips, after doing the Craftsy class.

You do need to join to have access to the classes but this zip class is a freebie and its WONDERFUL.


There are other classes on the site that are paid for, and with those you get downloadable PDFs in some cases, some offer patterns as part of the class price. The tutor answers your questions online and you can post pics of your projects to share with fellow classmates and for feedback. I’ll do a fuller review of Craftsy next month, but if the good weather has got your creative juices flowing, check out craftsy for sewing, sugar craft, knitting & crochet and much more. Just found out they do all kinds of classes including art, papercraft, jewellery making etc. Check the link below for more details.

What would you most like to make if you could create anything?

Best wishes and see you soon

Billie 🙂

PS. The Craftsy platform works best on Google Chrome or Safari browsers, and you can choose the quality of the play back if your connection isn’t the best. I found IE gave a fuzzy picture and Firefox kept stopping or only showing a bookmark strip about an inch wide of the videos.


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