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Welcome Back


Well here we are nearing the end of May and how many of your New Year’s resolutions are still holding?

For anyone who swore that this year they would;

Make more time for craft

Organize their stash

Never buy another double (repeat) item unintentionally

Or promised a long suffering other half that they would list their stash for insurance purposes then this is the place to be.


Over the next few days I’ll be posting a series of articles to help you get more out of your precious time, make the most of your stash and rediscover unloved crafting items. Don’t feel obliged to have to do all of these things at once, each works happily on its own but if all of the above applied to you then do try and wait till you have read all the articles before you begin otherwise you may find yourself repeating stuff.


Make more time for Craft


This is going to take a while to sort out (depending on how large your pile of stash is) but once done will definitely give you more crafting time.  For this you will need the following;

A storage box

Some plain card

Either a permanent ink or pigment ink, embossing powder and heat tool


Card bags or small food bags or envelopes

Paper clips

*Optional* A scoring board that creates blank card folds in a variety of sizes. This is handy but not essential.


Never buy another double/ Insurance listing


For these projects you will need;

A ring binder or two if you intend to do both projects

Paper & Card

Clear punched pockets. To put the paper into

*Optional* Computer with a word processor (EG Word) & printer.


Organizing your stash


Boxes or drawers

I am on a low budget too so we will use what you have if we can or you can purchase stackable drawers either in plastic or stiff card from office suppliers.


I’ll take some pictures today so hopefully you will be able to follow what we are trying to achieve.  

Thanks for reading and check back soon for the details of how all these ideas work.


Billie 🙂


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