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For those of you who follow my witterings on Twitter, you may have heard me mention that I bought a sewing pattern for making owls. I collect owls, and when I saw the pattern for them on Etsy, I couldn’t resist. I used some of the lovely fabric my friend Crafty Nanna gave me earlier in the year and made this.

My first Little Owl

My first Little Owl

Isn't he adorable

Spent a crafty afternoon with my neighbour’s grandaughter and helped her make the following owl.

Little Owl Keyring

Little Owl as a Keyring

Used Tim Holtz keyring findings, sewn to the little owls head to change him into a key ring. He’s dead cute and this was made from the Large owl pattern. I’m going to enlarge the pattern further and make a much bigger owl, then fill him with lentals so he can sit on my book and hold the page open for me. I struggle to hold books open for long coz of the RSI, so he will be a really useful helper.

To make your own adorable owls, check out The Little Owlery on Etsy, where you can purchase the pattern.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie 🙂


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