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Regular viewers will know that last year I took Julie Prichard’s Layer Love online class. The supplies list for the class included Golden Fluid Acrylic paints, it took a mammoth search online to find these paints in the UK but finally I found them at Jackson’s Art Supplies and they do Golden’s complete range of paint too. Thanks to that class, I am now a total convert to Golden. Their paints are superb quality and so versatile! There are a range of mediums available to mix with the paints to give a fantastic effects. So rather than having to buy the same colours repeatedly, just to get different effects. You just buy a set of colours and mix in the medium you want, to achieve the effect you want get. The paints work on so many surfaces they are amazing.

The only problem had been choosing colours, because I was buying on-line. It was tricky to see just what the colours would be like in real life. I was watching Golden’ s video’s over on You Tube and they showed the Fluid acrylics, I left them a comment, to say how wonderful these paints were and one of their team sent me a nice pm to thank me, and said if I needed any help or had any questions to just ask. Well, I’d seen on Golden’s website that they offer hand painted colour charts of their paint ranges. Golden are based in the USA and I am in the UK, so I asked if it was possible to get a set sent here. I expected them to only be available to people in the USA but this is not the case, the very helpful woman said just email and give them your details and they will send one out. So I did, and just look what I got in the mail…

Paint charts from Golden

Paint charts from Golden

I am such a magpie for colours, this was a dream. The colour charts are fantastic, painted on superb quality cardstock and giving full details of the paints names and colour codes. On the back of the charts, are lists of which colours are available, in which of their paint ranges. WOW I am in colour heaven! I am definitely going to stick to buying Golden Paints, with such excellent quality products and customer service like this, they sure are impressive.

One tip, if you are like me and new to acrylic paints, then you may well find the bewildering array of mediums and paints impossible to choose between. Get yourself a copy of Rheni Tauchid’s book The New Acrylics. Rheni does not work for Golden, but for another paint company but her descriptions of what the various mediums do and what to expect from them are so clear. It is a great reference point for the new acrylic artist.

Thank you Golden for superb products and a fantastic customer service.


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Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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