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Welcome Back

In today’s post I’d like to share a project I created over the weekend.

Paint Fusion techniques meet Ceramic painting

Paint Fusion techniques meet Ceramic painting

After emailing Create and craft and the wonderful Sheena Douglass advising me what ink would work on the ceramic tile. I stamped the tile using Ranger Archival ink, the tile is pre glazed so it’s a slippery surface. I didn’t over ink the stamp and stamped gently as I would if I were stamping on to acetate.

The I went over the stamped image with a heat gun to set the Archival ink. I had to hold the tile up, so it didn’t get too hot, and let it rest a while and then heated again, so the tile didn’t store the heat. Once cooled I used Sheena’s Paint Fusion techniques with Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint. I’d love some of the proper acrylic paints Sheena uses but just haven’t had the budget yet. The Pebeo paint I have is YEARS old, and I mean  years I bought it from Create and Craft back in Alan & Barry’s time!!!

The Porcelaine paint is a lot more transparent than the acrylic paint usually used for Paint Fusion on card etc. To build up darker or thicker more opaque colours in the Porcelaine paint, you have to build up the design in layers. Since my tile was white and I didn’t have white paint, I went for an orange one and I’m calling my daisy’s marigolds 😉

Bring a kid up on Blue Peter and this is what happens, never mind you haven’t got quite the right thing, just go with what you have and see what you can create 😉 I really love Paint Fusion and as soon as I saw the first series of stamps I bought them all and the DVD. Being a visual learner the DVD is essential for me and makes learning the techniques so much easier. The stamps also come with a laminated sheet for you to practice your brush strokes. This is so worth doing, even though its tempting to dive right in.

Sheena has just brought out a new series of three stamps to the Paint Fusion range, Pansies (my favorite!), Tulips and Sunflowers. The range is due to expand over the coming years and I’d love to see; holly, Daffodils and snowdrops too. The great thing about the stamp range is that rather than being a pre formed image, the stamps are individual elements. This makes them so versatile, you can put the flower heads, and leaves where ever you like. Which is great as you can alter the composition on the pieces you create.

Just had a mad thought, bet it would work as a mat for my desk if I put felt on the back so it didn’t scratch and painted over the baked surface with an acrylic glaze to prevent mugs base scratching the tile 😉 Looks like the ‘What if’ mode, is on full tilt at the mo.


For more information about the Paint Fusion range, check out my earlier reviews and Sheena Douglass website.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

In today’s post I will be reviewing;

Sheena Douglass; Paint Fusion Stamps

Sheena Douglass; Paint Fusion Stamps

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Sheena by Sheena Douglass. Paint Fusion
  • Item number; Assorted
  • RRP at time of writing: Approx £7 each

Reason For Buying

I saw these stamps demonstrated on Create and Craft by Sheena, after two days of sitting on my hands I caved bought the DVD to learn the painting techniques and all 6 coordinating stamp sets too.



  • Unmounted stamps, these are really easy to store and more affordable than wood mounted stamps too.
  • The packaging includes tutorial sheet for how to paint the flowers on a wipe clean sheet, allowing you to practice brush strokes right on the sheet.
  • The A5 Packaging sheets that come in booklet form, are just the right size to slip into a clear plastic wallet. Really useful and stops you loosing the instruction sheets too.
Easy storage for Sheena's Paint Fusion stamps

Easy storage for Sheena's Paint Fusion stamps

  • Love the sketchy nature of the designs
  • Quality grey rubber
  • The images are of different component parts of the flowers, this allows you to construct your own composition.
  • The stamps are a good size and would work on many different surfaces to decorate.


Haven’t really got any.

Build Quality

Excellent, being unmounted means they take up minimal storage space and the rubber is a good quality. The stamps are deeply etched which produces an excellent clear image, even on the fine detailed areas of the stamps.

Value for Money

Excellent, if you are on a tight budget you can just buy a single set and collect the range a bit at a time. Each stamp sheet is self-contained and will give you many options for different compositions.

Would I buy it Again?

Yes! I like the versatility of this kind of stamp.

Summing up

If you have seen Sheena’s Paint Fusion DVD, you are going to want to get these stamps. If you haven’t seen the DVD the designs will work well as stand alone images, for all kinds of creative works.   I love the versatility of the designs and their sketchy nature. I like that they are realistic rather than cutsie images. There is also text on the stamp plates which will work well in a variety of projects and some gorgeous swirls that will become firm favorites.

I have stored my stamp sheets in plastic wallets so I don’t loose the instructions but have to admit I stamped out all the images and store the stamps themselves in a box, so I don’t loose any smaller stamps

More storage ideas for Sheena's Paint Fusion stamp sets

More storage ideas for Sheena's Paint Fusion stamp sets

I love this new concept that Sheena has come up with, by using the stamps as the basis of the design you can practice the paint fusion techniques without all the difficulties that painting from nowhere on a blank sheet would put you off. This gets you up and running right away.

If you want to try the Paint Fusion techniques but haven’t got the DVD the instrucion sheet will help you get started and is useful to have next to you as you start painting. To get the most from the Paint Fusion concept I would recommend you get the DVD too 😉

These stamps are perfect for altered art projects as well as art journals, card making and just about any creative project. You can still use them with your favorite mediums, even if the Paint Fusion painting style itself isn’t your thing. They will look very different on different backgrounds and coloured with different mediums. Their sketchy nature makes them look good with pencils and watercolour paint too.

Go on treat yourself 😉


For more information about the products and to find Sheena on the web, please check out the links below.

  • This is Sheena’s website and blog. You can buy the DVD and related products from here too.
  • This is Sheena’s  You Tube channel
  • Sheena Douglass on Twitter

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂

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