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The practice sheets that come with Sheena’s Paint Fusion stamps are great, but sometimes you want a few more images to practice on. Repeats of shapes you struggle with or just more of an image that’s new to you. Had a think and came up with a quick and simple way to create your own practice sheet, to your own choice of image.

Make your own Paint Fusion Practice sheets

Make your own Paint Fusion Practice sheets

You Will Need

Make your own Paint Fusion Practice sheets

Make your own Paint Fusion Practice sheets

  • Mat board or other stiff cardboard
  • Piece of acetate
  • Piece of card to stamp onto
  • Clips
  • Paint Fusion stamps of your choice
  • Versafine Onyx black ink or other pigment or permanent ink pad


  1.  Cut your piece of paper to the size you wish to stamp onto.
  2. Stamp your Paint Fusion or other stamp images on to the sheet
  3. Cut your piece of acetate to the same size as your stamped piece of card or a little larger
  4. Cut your mat board or strong card to slightly larger than the acetate


  1. Place your acetate over your stamped sheet
  2. Place your stamped sheet onto the mat board
  3. Place your clips at the top of the page to hold the pages in place

To Use

Simply paint over your designs. Acrylic paint will not permanently attach to plastic, so even after it has dried (don’t leave it for weeks though). It will still be possible to wipe or scrub the paint from the acetate to reuse your practice sheets time and again.

You can now choose the images you want to practice and have pages of them to work with, it’s also a great way to practice painting layouts. Stamp your design onto a sheet of card/paper, place it under the acetate and you can now work out what to paint in what order 🙂

Options/Added Extras

If you have a lamination machine at home, stamp your designs onto a sheet of thin card (220 gsm) and then run that through a laminator. Trim your card before laminating to ensure you have a generous clear border, this will give the plastic more room to adhere to itself and make it more robust. If you want to store your laminated sheets in a ring-binder, look out for the sheets that have pre-punched holes in the edges. This will stop any paint leaking into the card, that may happen if you just hole punch plain laminated sheets.

If you don’t have your own laminator, often the photo shops have a laminating service, where for a small charge they will laminate card you take in.

Once you have your laminated sheet, simply paint over as you did with the original design.


Paint Fusion stamps are available from Sheena Douglass.

Best wishes and thanks for reading see you soon

Billie 🙂


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