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Welcome Back

Do you ever start a creative experiment, just trowing things on the page to see what happens? Then find a result you like so much you just have to stop as you like it too much to add more? Here is the piece where that happened to me. This piece reminds me of a documentary I saw where they showed a diver swimming though kelp, lots of long strands of kelp with the sunlight twinkling though the half-light beneath the water.

Mixed Media art: 'Under the sea'

Mixed Media art: ‘Under the sea’

I had applied gesso to  the base board, then applied heavy body acrylic thickly with a sponge, then I heated it. (Best done in a well ventilated room as O. M days did it whiff!) The result looked a bit like crackled wood. Loving it too much to continue I left it aside for a few weeks. I do this as I frequently seem to make things I love too much to cover. I do this too with stuff I think doesn’t work as with a few weeks wait, you come back to a project with new eyes.

So I came back to the crackly paint, and applied a layer of green paint with the brayer (my new but now covered with acrylic paint so it gives good textures brayer).  This gave an even better look, once dry I have added more layers of washes and sponged on more texture.

This piece is likely to evolve further in the future so it will get perhaps text or imagery, but for right now, I love it just as it is.

How about you, what do you do if you get a piece you don’t like? Do you hide it in a box for a while and come back to it later? Maybe you gesso over it and hide all the evidence it ever existed? Do you feel the need to add lettering, images to every piece or are you happy to have a beautiful piece that you may once have thought of as a background, a place to start but now love just for its own right? Would love to hear your thoughts?

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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