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In today’s post, as part of the Adventures in Acrylics workshop, I will be reviewing; Royal Langnickel Palette Knives for Painting set.

Royal Langnickel Knife set #LP71

Royal Langnickel Knife set #LP71

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Royal Langnickel
  • Item number: LP71
  • RRP at time of writing: £9.18

Reason For Buying

I had already bought a Royal Langnickel K4 painting knife and loved it, this set included the K4  and also P10 and P2. So by getting these I can try these out and see what they will do for me. Looks like I got a bargain, I paid £3.75 for mine, but when I checked he manufacturers site they are listed at £9.18.


  • Nice and light in the hand
  • Flexible not at all scratchy
  • Beautifully made wooden handles


Haven’t really got any.

Build Quality

One of the knives in my set had some surface marking on it, but at this price point, you can’t complain, I’m happy to try these out for experiment and if the marking becomes an issue I’ll re-buy this individual knife. The handles are very comfortable and although light are solid. The blades are flexible and not at all rough as some more expensive knives I’ve had, have been.

Value for Money

Excellent, these are good-looking knives and great quality for the price point. Well worth trying a set.

Would I buy it Again?


Summing up

Royal Langnickel Knife set #LP71

Royal Langnickel Knife set #LP71

Palette knives are great for colour mixing without gunking up your brushes. The knives in this set are superb for applying paint to your chosen surface and great for larger areas too. Palette knives come in a huge variety of shapes and kits like these are fantastic for trying different shapes and seeing which ones you like. The knives give an amazing array of options for applying the paint and creating texture. It took me a long time to try knives, but now I have I love them, I’m using these more than I do my brushes 🙂

This is an affordable set, I highly recommend you try them. If you have been wanting to try knives for a while, this is an excellent place to start. There are different kinds for different purposes, and when you start out its tough to know which to choose, these sets are an ideal place to start.


The links below will take you to the manufacturers site, from here you can find more information about the product and locate a store near you.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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