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Since this month’s theme in The Virtual Crafting Challenge is Paper & Card, here is a quick tip for storing you card & paper, for short-term storage.

A4 Cardboard Storage Drawers

A4 Cardboard Storage Drawers

As I  mentioned in the previous article, light and moisture/humidity are the worst enemies of card and paper. Light will quickly fade your precious papers and moisture will make them curl and distort, or mould if left for prolonged periods in such conditions.

If you are looking for a space-saving storage to have next to you on the desk, the A4 set of drawers I showed above, from WH Smiths are ideal. You get a lot of storage for only an A4 size of desk space. One thing to be aware of is that because this item is made of cardboard, it may well contain both acid and lignin. So best not store precious papers for any length of time as it could damage your card for archival projects.

These are really useful and I also have several sets to store my unmounted stamps in too. Just avoid direct contact between the board and stamps or precious papers to avoid possible damage to them. (rare, and would take YEARS, but worth mentioning).

Personally I would avoid the corrugated card boxes to store decent card in, they are often very low-grade card and high in acid and lignin. It would be a shame to have your expensive papers ruined by your storage system!!!

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

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