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Welcome Back

If you love paper you will love this book!!!! Here is my review of the paper back edition

Over 40 Exquisite Paper Folding Projects

Paper Fold It by Steve and Meguimi Biddle

Published by David & Charles www.davidandcharles.co.uk

ISBN 13;978-0-7153-2585-8

ISBN 10:0-71553-2585-X

Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Paper-Fold-Exquisite-Folding-Projects/dp/071532585X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1226072228&sr=8-1

As the title suggests this book shows you many projects created using assorted paper folding techniques.  There is an introduction to the various types of paper available and the tools you will need for the projects shown in the book.

The book takes you through three projects in each of the following paper crafts;

Teabag folding


Iris Folding


Tissue Folding

Modular Folding

I bought this book on impulse after a quick flick through it. I almost put it back as Iris folding just isn’t my thing, I don’t have the patience for it. Having had some time with it, I am now so glad I decided to buy this book. It is a very inspiring book, once you have created some of the projects you are bound to come up with new ways of using the folds to create all kinds of gifts and embellishments.

As well as the projects there is an excellent reference section at the back with details of suppliers around the world, of paper societies and also templates for some of the projects in the book.

This would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves paper. It is an excellent introduction the the various paper crafts mentioned above with enough information to encourage and inspire without overwhelming the reader. The projects are shown step by step with plenty of photos and drawings to enable everyone to get started really easily. I definitely recommend this book to everyone interested in trying new techniques with paper crafts.

Best wishes and thank for reading


Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back


Great news those great people over on www.tvweekly.com are back from their holidays and now have started posting new video demonstrations.

There are two channels;

Scrapbook Lounge; for papercrafting tips and techniques. New shows every Friday

Plum and Verdigris; For jewelry making tips and techniques. New shows every Wednesday.


If you haven’t been before go check it out right now www.tvweekly.com

Join their mailing list and you can download the instructions to print out later. They will also email you when new episodes are posted.


Have fun


Best wishes and thanks for reading


Billie 🙂

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Welcome back
Now I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but, I think I have discovered a new technique, for Colourwash Inks.  I say this as I haven’t seen anyone else either do this, or have mentioned it. I am calling this technique ‘Butterfly Paper’, the name inspired by the butterfly prints we all played with in Primary school, where you splodge paint on one side of a piece of paper, fold it in half and see what comes out.

I ‘found’ this idea as a result of the experiments that gave us Leather Look Paper.  In order to get a full coverage of ink for the Leather Paper effect both sides of the paper had to come into contact with each other.  This got me thinking. I wanted full colour papers to make end papers for my handmade books, but the textured paper wouldn’t sit flat in the books and also the paper warped from being very wet, so it wasn’t suitable for this. As a result Butterfly Paper was born. To find out how to make some of your own read on….

To Make Butterfly Paper, You Will Need

  • Heat tool
  • Iron (dedicated craft iron as it will get messy)
  • Bin liner or plastic sheet
  • Large empty cardboard box or (unused) plastic cat litter style box
  • White printer paper
  • Blank newsprint; available from removal companies
  • Ranger Colourwash Ink
  • Spritzer bottle of water


  • Cut open your bin liner and lay it over your work surface to protect it from the ink
  • Place the empty cardboard box on your table and put a piece of folded blank newsprint in the bottom
  • Place a sheet of blank newsprint next to your box to put damp paper onto.
  • Either wear old clothes you won’t mind getting messy or wear a plastic apron  (just in case)

**Ensure there is plastic underneath the box and blank paper, in case the ink soaks through either of them**


1.  Place a piece of printer paper in the bottom of the box.
2.  Spray the paper with one or two colours of the Ranger Colourwash Ink.  You need the paper to be wet with ink.
Spraying paper with Colourwas ink
3.  If you haven’t used much ink, spray the paper with some water to get the paper nice and wet. You need it to stay wet whilst you get to step 5.
4.  Remove your wet paper from the box and set it ink face UP on the blank newsprint next to your box

Repeat steps 1-3 with your second sheet of paper.

5. Carefully, remove this second sheet of paper now wet with ink, from the box and place it on top of your first sheet. Ink sides together.

Two pieces of paper placed on top of each other inked sides together


6.  Smooth over the back of the paper to ensure the entire surface of both sheets has come in contact with each other.

7.  Carefully peel the papers apart to reveal the pattern.

Revealing the colour on Butterfly Paper

8.  If your paper wasn’t wet enough, some of the paper will still show the speckling of the ink rather than being completely covered in it. To solve this re-spray both inked sides of the papers with plain water and repeat steps 7-8.

The ink got too dry (coz I was taking the pictures) So I sprayed with some more water.


Insuffiecent water/ink used


9.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DRY BOTH PAPERS QUICKLY. Place your paper ink side UP onto a heat proof surface and heat the paper till it no longer looks shiny, repeat with the second sheet before you move on. The paper will still be damp but not shiny.


Applying heat tool to Butterfly Paper


10.  Now the paper no longer looks wet and shiny it is safe to turn it ink side down and iron on the back to flatten it. Iron on the back of the paper so it doesn’t go shiny.

Ironing the back of the Butterfly Paper

11. Repeat with the second sheet.

Heating the paper seems to set the ink, making it stable to use wet glue on without disturbing the ink.


Here are a few colour combinations;

Stream & Denim

Stream & Denim Butterfly paper


Terracotta, Raisin & Espresso

Terracotta, Raisin & Esspresso Butterfly Paper
The metallic look was created by dabbing over the wet paper with screwed up with a little Perfect Pearls on it. The splodge was the first attempt at just tapping some on ooops!

Butterfly Paper


 Try adding more water instead of ink. There was sooo much ink left on the paper there was a big puddle of it. I sprayed plain paper and pressed it into the original sheet. NOT the best way to do this technique but it used up the excess ink. I used the method described above for all other papers and used WAY less ink 😉

The pattern becomes more mottled as you press of dab the wet sheets together. 
Thanks for reading and if you give this a go enjoy getting messy the resulting paper is worth all the effort.

Billie 😉

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Welcome back
For once, no chat just mainly pictures that’ll be a first for me. Here you go, these papers were all created using the technique I described the other day. I have made more and ironed the back of them whilst they were still wet with ink and they have retained the patterns of the creases but are almost flat enough to stamp onto.

You don’t need to use multiple colours, if you only have one ink just use that one. I use several colours as it gives more depth to the paper.



Stream Leather look paper


Stream & Denim

Stream & Denim Leather Look Paper


Stream & Eggplant 

Stream & Eggplant Leather Look Paper


Here are some great combinations to try;


  • Stream & Wild Plum
  • Stream & Bottle 
  • Pesto & Lettuce
  • Lettuce & Espresso
  • Butterscotch & Terracotta & Espresso
  • Butterscotch & Espresso. 
  • Butterscotch & Terracotta
  • Terracotta & Raisin.  
  • Cranberry & Raisin
  • Lettuce & Raisin.
  • Cranberry.



  • Leave the paper to dry naturally gives the most texture.
  • Iron the back of the paper whilst still wet with ink leves texture marks but the surface will be flatter for stamping onto.
  • Iron the paper again once dry to flatten some more.


Have fun and thanks for reading.

Billie 🙂

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Welcome back

Well there are only a couple of pictures of the paper so far. The batteries on the camera let me down. I’ll post some more when the batteries are charged.


 Stream and Denim


Stream & Denim Leather Look Paper



 Wild Plum and Stream. It looks MUCH darker like Cadburry’s purple in real life


Wild Plum & Stream; Leather Look Paper


I’ll post some more asap.

Thanks for reading, see you soon
Billie 🙂

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