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Welcome Back

Remember the lovely Filofax Swift I was lucky enough to purchase just before they were discontinued? Well I discovered that Parker make one of their Jotter pens in just the same shade of green, so I quickly bought one.

Filofax Swift with colour matching Parker Jotter Pen.

Filofax Swift with colour matching Parker Jotter Pen.

Aren’t they perfect together? I found the pen on Ebay and was so pleased the colours went so well together when it arrived. Parker don’t seem to do green ink refills for the ball pen but Monteverdie do, so that will be the refill I’ll go for when the blue one runs out. Not for being OCD about matching, but because of my Irlens Dyslexia means for me its easier to read green ink colour on a white back ground 😉 Quirky aren’t I.


  • The Ebay UK seller I bought the pen from is Jiyalinks

Are you mad about stationary too? Is it pens, books or all of it for you? I’m a colour magpie and forgetful so I always make lots of notes so having them in a book or planner means I don’t loose endless pieces of paper.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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