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Welcome Back

In today’s post I would like to introduce our Featured Artist, for March 2011;

Pat Pitingolo

I discovered her work thanks to Art Journalling magazine by Stampington, which is where I first saw her amazing pages. For those of you who haven’t yet found Pat, here is a little more about her and her work.

Who you are: 

Pat; Hi. I’m Pat Pitingolo from Lost and Found.

Lost n Found Pat Pitingolo's blog.

Lost n Found Pat Pitingolo's blog.

Where you are (which country you are based in)?

Pat: I live in the US in the Midwestern state of Ohio.

What you do:

Pat: By day I work as an office assistant at a small, liberal arts university. The rest of the time, I am a wife, mother, friend, and maker of things.

What got you started in your creative journey?

Pat: I’ve always had the desire to make things. My mother was a big influence as she was always knitting, crocheting, or sewing late into the wee hours. As a child I preferred craft kits to dolls or toys. In school, I spent more time designing the cover of a report than writing it! I majored in art in college and worked in advertising and design before devoting most of my time and energy to raising a family. For many years my creative outlet consisted of making Halloween costumes, home decorating projects, and participating in mail art. When my youngest went off to college a few years ago, my creative life blossomed. I started taking art classes, experimenting, and blogging. I found some creative friends and we meet regularly to learn new techniques and generally inspire and encourage one another.

What inspires you: 

Wilderness1 by Pat Pitingolo

Wilderness1 by Pat Pitingolo

Pat: Everything! My motto is: I never met an art form I didn’t like. I’ve dabbled in journaling, lettering, altered books, book arts, painting, collage, assemblage, mosaic, sewing, quilting, felting, and more. I enjoy looking at art as much as I do creating it and the internet is a wealth of inspiration. If I had to choose what inspires me most, I would probably say words, color, geometric shapes, outsider and folk art, and anything made with found objects.

If money,time and obligations were no object, what you would most like to do?



Blur1web by Pat Pitingolo

Blur1web by Pat Pitingolo


Pat: I would spend ALL of my time exploring art. I would travel the world taking classes and workshops, meeting artists, and journaling about it in my own handmade journals. I would also have my own art gallery filled with artwork that I discovered on my travels.

What do you enjoy most about your creative work/life?

Pat: I enjoy the whole creative process. It absolutely thrills me that something can be a tiny spark in your mind one day and a tangible object that you can touch and hold and share another day. I love that concept and everything that happens between the thought and the finished piece. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and sticky playing with paint, glue, paper, and fabric. The greatest feeling to me is when inspiration strikes and you have to drop everything and follow an idea to wherever it leads. Art is one giant adventure and I never want the journey to end.


To find out more about Pat and her work, please visit her blog and website, details below. 

  • I invite you to visit my blog, Lost and Found, at http://patpitingolo.blogspot.com/ as I appreciate your visits and comments. I hope I can inspire you to try something new or discover your own inner artist.

Thanks to Pat Pitingolo for being our Featured Artist of the Month for March 2011.

Happy by Pat Pitingolo

Happy by Pat Pitingolo

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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