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This month’s theme for the VIrtual Crafting Challenge is;

Pearlescent Paints


There are many forms of pearlescent paints available,here are a few; Twinkling H20s, Perfect Pearls, Pearl Ex. Each have their own qualities and are suitable for different results on different projects.

Twinkling H2Os

These are solid cakes of colour that contain mica powder. Spritz your pot with water and leave it for a few minutes. If it is a warm day you may need to remoisten these paints more than once. Keep the paint stirred to prevent all the mica settling at the bottom of the pot. Apply using a dampened paint brush. If you want to achieve lighter tones, use a pallet or a spare acrylic block to apply paint to, add additonal water for a lighter colour. If you want a darker tone add additional layers of colour over your project once the first layer of paint has dried.

Perfect Pearls

These are powdered pigments that also contain mica. The advantage of these is that unlike Pearl Ex these already contain binders so are fixable with a little water. Perfect Pearls can be used dry dusted over a stamped surface, or mixed with water to form paint. Add some to clear glues such as Paper Glaze to enable you to paint onto gloss surfaces such as glass, metal and acetate. It will create a finish like Crystal lacquers.

Pearl Ex

This is another form of pigment also containing mica. Ulike Perfect Pearls Pearl Ex does not contain any binders, this makes it a less stable medium unless you are adding it to acrylic paints or glues. You need to add Gum Arabic to be able to use it as a watercolour paint to prevent the colour wiping off once dry.

Options to get you started

  • Use these paints to create backgrounds
  • Mix with water for a coloured wash like effect, either paint on or apply using a mini mister for a textured effect
  • Use these paints to create accent areas in your projects
  • Use these paints to create embellishments
  • Add to glues to create Liquid Lacqueres to paint onto paper, card, glass, metal and acetate


This site has some tips for using Perfect Pearls; http://www.rubberstampsclub.com/tips/perfect-pearls.html
And this is the tuition area of Julia Andrus site; http://www.juliaandrus.com/how-to

Video Ideas and tips

Lots by Julia Andrus http://uk.youtube.com/user/JuliaAndrusDotCom

Pearly Mottled Paper; http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VDz1o42QVn0


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