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Welcome Back

In today’s post it is time to set the theme for the June 2009 Virtual Crafting Challenge;

Peel Offs, Stickers & Ribbons

There are a wide variety of designs and colours in all of these to suit many different tastes. This is your journey and the idea behind this challenge is to encourage you to try new things or rediscover crafting items you may have but neglected for a while. Here are a few ideas of ways you could use some of these products but explore your own ideas as well. Feel free to play, there is no pressure to create a finished piece for the end of the month, but you can if you like 😉


There are many different kinds of ribbon available from plain to decorative. From very delicate organza to bold velvet and some even has wired edges if you want to create a sculpted effect. Here are a few ideas you could try.

Using ribbon as;

  •  An embellishments
  • A main feature, making flowers, weaving, sewing etc
  • A  border

Stickers & Peel Offs

These too can be used as

  • Embellishments
  • Boarders
  • Main elements
  • If you have an open design of peel of consider colouring the paper beneath it.
  • Using the peel off on to decorative paper and cutting around it to create an embellishment
  • These can often be used to create frames or highlight areas within your piece


Experiment and have fun

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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