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Welcome Back

At the beginning of the August, hubby and I went for a short break; camping in Chichester. It was a delightful setting in woodland and for the most part we had good weather. After watching the painting shows on C&C and visiting a few arty blogs, I was inspired to get sketching again. I got out my sketching kit, and decided to take the watercolours with me, just in case the opportunity arose.

One day we went to Parham House I just love architecture and painting/drawing old buildings. There is so much texture and they never fail to captivate me. I did get some funny looks the other year, when I was photographing the old worn leather baggage at a heritage railway. I found the surfaces and ageing just as interesting as the buildings. Who knows what those pictures will end up as, reference for distressed painting projects or faded out as backgrounds for digital projects 🙂 Art really has exploded into so many possibilities for me in the last few years. Its grown far beyond what I thought it was twenty years ago.

Anyway, enough wittering! Here is the picture I wanted to share; its of some of the buildings at Parham House.

Buildings at Parham house

Buildings at Parham house

It’s not a finished piece, I need more practice to add the greenery to the building and more texture to the stonework. I am pleased with the result though, whenever I see the picture it will remind me of the day, and of how much I enjoy sketching buildings.

What inspires you to get your paints out?  Have you been on any painting expeditions this year?

Best wishes and thanks for reading see you soon

Billie 🙂


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