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Welcome Back

Regular readers will know it has taken me a long time to take the plunge and actually try Pro Markers by Letraset. If like me you are tempted by all the attention these markers are getting and the fabulous results that can be achieved but want to know where to start, then I hope this will get you started.


I am assuming with this article, that you are on a limited budget and would like to just dip your toe in the Pro Marker world, without spending a fortune.

You Will Need


Pro Markers, Cardstock and ink pad

Pro Markers, Ryman's card & Adirondack Dye ink pad

  • Pro Markers, I went for the set of 12 but you could just as well start with a pack of 5 in colours that you like, or just buy a few individual pens.
  • Cardstock; I am using Rymans 200 gsm Card, in white.
  • To stamp an image to colour in; Choose a dye based ink such as Memento. I use Ranger Adirondack dye in Pitch Black and it works just fine.


  • If you wish to stamp an image, stamp your chosen image in the dye ink and heat set to ensure the ink is totally dry.
  • Place your card onto a piece of mat board, the markers will bleed through the card stock, this is normal. The matt board is to ensure your table etc isn’t damaged by the ink 😉
  • Colour your image. Since I am new to the markers I won’t try to give tips on colouring itself yet 😉 There are plenty of sites that offer great tutorials for that and I’ll link to them at the end of the piece. The one thing I would say is, its OK to have some areas of white paper showing 😉 All the tutorials I’ve seen so far, beautiful as they are, seem to banish all trace of the original paper. If you want to add some life and character to your coloured image, don’t be afraid to leave some areas white to act as highlights 😉

Optional Extra’s

The one thing you might like to consider, is to colour your images on separate card and mat them onto your base card. The reason is, the markers will bleed through to the back of the cardstock. This is normal but may spoil the appearance of your finished card if you were to colour directly on to the base card. Simply glue your finished piece onto another piece of cardstock to act as a mat before you place it on your card. More experienced card makers like to add mats of different shapes, sizes and colours to co-ordinate with the overall look of the project.


Here are just a few websites that my friends have recommended for in-depth tutorials on using Pro Markers;


My best advice if you are on a really tight budget, would be to buy just a few markers in colours you are most likely to use. You can buy these pens individually, so don’t feel you have to pick a pack of 5, if they don’t suit your needs. Pick a stamp from your stash and then choose the colours of pens you would like to use on it. Increase your marker collection as funds allow.

Not as detailed a tutorial as I usually give, as I am still new to these markers myself. But there seems to be a lot of hype around these pens at the moment and for those who want to give them a go without too much of a learning curve or expense this is a good way to start. Hope its been of some help.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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