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Introduction to Blogging Part Five;

Product Reviews

In this article I’ll describe how I put together my reviews. An important point to make clear at the start of any review is that unless you do work for the manufacturer, that your review is a personal opinion, based on the experience you have had with the item. Your reader will not know that you don’t work for the company and if you have an authoritative style of writing could easily think that you did. 


This is where I write a short paragraph to describe what I will be reviewing. Including a back story as to how or why I bought/received the product.


It is a good idea to include at least one photograph of the item you review


This would be the manufacturers name, the brand name, item name and any other descriptive information included with the product. For a book I would include ISBN number.


Keep in mind when you write the why from Part two. Why would someone read this. What would you want to know if you were considering buying the item.



Describe what the item does, what it is designed for.


List what is good about the item and what could be better. Rather than a rant about why you hate it, consider making a more constructive comment like ‘this ‘?’ would be improved if…’

Build Quality

Is the product robust and well made? Here is where to add a description about how well put together and how well the item works.

Value for Money;

 This is where to write if you think the item is worth the price. There is little value including the price, as the article could be read some time after it was published, by which time the price may well have changed. If you do include a price add ‘the price at the time this article was written is…’

Good value for money;

Items that are worth the price tag for how well the product performs or how useful it is. 

Poor Value for money;

Items that you feel were over priced for what the item does, perhaps you feel the item doesn’t work as well as the price tag suggests it should.

It is very important to have given details such as pros/cons and build quality and to explain the reasons for your value for money mark. It is also vital to state that this is just your opinion based on what you wanted to use the item for and how well lit did or didn’t do that. This gives a balanced review. Other people may use the item differently or want it for a different purpose to you.

For example, for a tool to which you give a con mark, because you think it is too heavy to carry around to a class, give details as to how much the item weighs so that others can decide for themselves as to weather they would consider it heavy. Your reader might say weight is not an issue for me, as I don’t want to take this to classes.

Would I buy It Again?

List your reason or reasons as to why you would or wouldn’t buy the item again, knowing what you do now having tried it.


Give links to the manufacturers of the product to enable your reader to discover if there is a store near them. Also add a link to the item itself on the manufacturers site, to enable your reader to look up any details they wish.


Remember you are not trying to sell the product,  just giving a review of how you got on with an item. 


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