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In today’s post I’d just like to share some tips for storing Mini Misters by Ranger. I really enjoying making my own colour sparays using re-inkers and mini misters and have quite a collection of both now. Here is my solution for keeping your collection together and for keeping track of your favorite recipies for colour sprays.

Storage ideas for Mini Misters

Storage ideas for Mini Misters

I discovered that the Really Useful Box company’s 2.1 litre box, is the perfect height for Mini Misters. Now given how narrow the sprays are, they have a tendancy to fall over, so to keep them in place I cut some mountboard to create dividers in the box.

Storage Ideas for Ranger Mini Misters

Storage Ideas for Ranger Mini Misters

As for recipies, you may have noticed the numbers on the lids of the misters in the picture above? Well you need to write that number on the body of the mister too, otherwise you  may muddle up the lids in use. But I have a piece of paper in the box with details of what each mister has in it. For example Number 12 has Eggplant Colour Wash ink in it, I found that the full size colour wash bottle was a bit keen and you need to protect quite a large area from over sparay when you use it. The mini mister gives a finer spray and is a little more controllable.

Now I can see at a glance which bottle I am looking for, and if I want to repeat a colour combo that works for me, I’ll know how I made it. Particularly useful if you mix re inker with perfect pearls 😉 for a pearl colour spray 😉


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon



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