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In October 2009, I ordered a 1038 Guillotine. For anyone considering one of these tools, here is my review of how I get on with the 1038.

Ideal 1038 Guillotine

Ideal 1038 Guillotine

Brand: Ideal

Model Number: 1038

Reason for Purchase

To cut book board for bookbinding. Due to dexterity problems I needed a tool to help me.

Build Quality

Excellent, this is a serious tool made by a serious company, no wobbly blades or wonky cuts. The base is metal and the measuring gauge along the bottom edge has metric and imperial measurements on. There is a stop guide that screws to it to align your paper/ card to. If you ever find that the stop guide needs adjusting, if it ever goes out of square, then, with the aid of an allen key, that is possible. The blade is very solid and is re-sharpenable. The blade has a guard that rises and falls with it, to help keep you away from the business end of the cutting blade. This is a superb machine.

Value for Money:

Excellent. I realise this is a considered purchase. For anyone making a lot of books or needing to cut a lot of board quickly and easily this is well worth the investment. Buy Once and buy right! This is a precision machine and worthy of its price tag. A good solid workhorse for the smaller bindery, that simply hasn’t the room for a huge board sheer.

Ease of Use:

Very Easy. I have limited dexterity but was able to adjust the stop gauge easily, as the screw button that secures it to the guide, is a good size and ribbed. The protective guard keeps you safe from the blade. The blade is very solid but also very smooth. Even with my poor dexterity, I was able to operate the machine with ease. Matt board is very easy and book board is only a little harder. DH with ‘normal’ dexterity, cut through the book board easily. I could only manage a few cuts on book board, but that was down to my limited hand strength and in no way a poor reflection of the machine. It was perfect for the job.

Would I buy It Again?


If you are a demonstrator/teacher and need to cut lots of boards for your classes this machine will save you so much time. If you have limited dexterity, it will make cutting board possible (or a lot less hard work for your long-suffering partner who cuts it for you now 😉 ) If you work in a small space and just don’t have room for those huge board shears, this is the perfect solution. The 1038 has a cutting length of 385 mm, so it sits nicely on my worktop. If I had the extra space and cash, I would have liked a larger model; the 1071 will handle A3 boards, which would have been nice.

I would highly recommend the 1038 to any serious binder who wants a quality tool. To anyone who currently struggles to cut book board with a knife and ruler. It is perfect for those making boxes from boards.  The blade leaves two smooth, clean, perfectly cut edges, to glue together. I love this machine, it does everything I need it to and it does it well. What more could you ask for from a tool.


I try to give unbiased reviews, but this tool has seriously impressed me, so I don’t have any cons for this machine.

The only thing I struggle with a little, is cutting narrow strips using the roll in/out guide on the right of the blade. But I think this is just down to practise rather than being a negative issue with the tool itself. Cutting off slivers of card to square up cardstock when I have enough board to meet the guide on the right is no problem.


Ideal: Here is a link to the manufacturer of this guillotine. Type 1038 into the search box for details about this particular machine. 

Bear in mind that this review is personal opintion, based on my own situation and how I got on with this machine. I do not represent the company Ideal, nor do I work for them in any way. If you have any questions, I will be happy to try and answer them. For more technical information, please use the link above to review the manufacturers details of the machine or to contact the manufacturers directly.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon.

Billie 🙂


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