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In today’s post I will be reviewing;

Amazon’s Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle3

Amazon Kindle3

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Amazon
  • Item number Kindle 3
  • RRP at time of writing: From £109

Reason For Buying

I was lucky enough to receive my Kindle3 for Christmas this year. The reasons I really wanted one is firstly because I am dyslexic, if a book I want to read is printed with too small a print or in a font style I can’t read, then thats it, I just can’t read it. The Second reason is because of limited dexterity, I struggle to hold pages of books open.



  • Versatility; I can change fonts, their size and the line spacing.
  • The special e ink is amazing and for the first time in my life I can read this outside, something I am completely unable to do with regular books.
  • Its quick and easy to switch between books
  • Its quick and simple to purchase new books without having to get the computer out too.
  • The device weighs about the same as a paperback but not having to hold the pages open is a big advantage over regular books and something I found very painful. The Kindle resolves this as its just a single layer 😉
  • The Kindle remembers what page you were on and saves it for you, when you next open the book it goes right to that page.
  • If you are a techie type who has lots of gadgets there are Kindle aps for various devices and you can sync them to each other so if you read a Kindle at home but read on another device elsewhere they will tell each other what page you were on. You can choose to buy from your computer or direct from your Kindle if you have a WIFI point near you. There is a more expensive option of the Kindle which has its own WIFI so you can buy indipendantly if you do not have your own computer or WIFI network, this will connect to WIFI hotspots at coffee shops/airports etc.
  • Storage! It would be nice to have the space to have a library room.But if like me you live in a small house, large collections of novels eat shelf space fast, and you don’t always want to part with books you have read. The Kindle solves this as it holds hundreds of books. Also handy is that there is an online back up of all the books you order on your Kindle account with Amazon.
  • Price, Amazon have great prices on their ebooks, they vary as the store competes with special offers that may be instore. There are plenty of free books available too, lots of classics, so if you buget it tight, check those out.


Not really got any for me personally, The Kindle solved the biggest problems I had with regular books and althought I will still buy ‘real’ books for creative subjects, for novels this is the way I’ll be going. Its just too difficult to read standard paperbacks with my ‘issues’.

As others have said on forums the ‘screen savers’ or pictures the Kindle displays while it ‘sleeps’ aren’t to everyones taste. Historical authors and such. There are a couple of beautiful illustration plates from dictionary’s, one of birds which is my favorite and also an illustration plate from the Book of Kells which I also like. It would be nice if you could select one as a favorite to have on the screen. As it is there are a whole collection of them and the Kindle goes through its own list of onboard images. The resolution is amazing and is quite unlike other readers on the market.

Build Quality

Excellent. The cover is a dark grey, which is easy on the eye and not distracting as you read. There is a decent size frame around the reading area to give you plenty of space to hold your Kindle. The keyboard is robust and also out of the way. This makes for easy navigation of the Kindle store and also allows you to input information to your Kindle such as collection names for you books.

The back of the Kindle has a slightly grippy feel to it, almost feels soft. It is shaped and is very tactile and comfortable to hold. The buttons work well and are easy to operate. Just one thing to look out for, there are two buttons either side of the screen. Not looking properly I assumed that since the one on the right takes you a page forward, the one on the left would take you back a page…oops!  Actually the page forward is the lower button and the page back is the smaller button on the same side positioned above it. This means that you can use the Kindle as a left or right hander 😉

Value for Money

Excellent! The device is a bit of an investment but there are plenty of free books you can download and the pricing of Amazon’s ebooks is competitive. It’s very useful to be able to carry your favorite books around and for those who travel it will be a fantastic space saver in your luggage as well as space saving on shelves at home!

Would I buy it Again?

Yes!!!! I’m trying to convince Hubby he needs one too as he reads far more novels than me and they are threatening to take over the house.

Summing up

I love my Kindle 3. I hesitated a long time as I was not entirely happy to buy one blind, as they weren’t in any stores at the beginning. I did see a dummy one in a John Lewis store and they said they were getting real ones soon. So if you want to feel the thing in your hand first try them.

The Kindle rocks! It kicks Sony’s butt on e readers big time. The screen resolution is far better, there is more versatility with options for different fonts with the Kindle and so far haven’t heard anyone have broken screens as so often is the cry with the Sony readers. Its a much better price for what I consider a much better machine. If you are lucky enough to live in the USA there is even a Kindle DX which comes in around the size of an A4 piece of paper cool huh! If you struggle with your sight get a Kindle they are fantastic, you can have all the books in your collection in large print without having huge tomes to lug around. There are options on there for the Kindle to describe the options on the screen and a screen reader too. In fairness the screen reader is in the experiemental section and is a bit robotic for reading books, but when you are tired and eyes aren’t playing its an option.


Soft Dog’s Kindle Demo on Amazon website. This is a side by side comparison between the Kindle 3 and a Sony Reader. It helped me decide. It shows the features and benefits of the Kindle.

Did you recieve a Kindle for Christmas and don’t know what do do next?  Here’s how to set it up.

The Kindle is definately something you have to hold in your hand to appreciate how great it is. The photo above was taken on a gloomy day, and was not enhanced with photoshop, just put the name on it. Don’t judge the Kindle based on photos you see on a computer, the camera and your computer screen don’t do it justice. You need to see the display in person to see how good it is.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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