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Welcome Back to another Dolly Wednesday

I never intended to get quite so into dolls on this blog, but they have gradually arrived, and then I found My Doll Best Friend website, n lockdown happened, I was feeling low and they are a welcome escape from the real world for a while, so here we all are. Today I’d like to introduce you to my Lottie Brown, who is a Vestida de Azul doll.

Lottie Brown

Vestida de Azul Carlotta

Vestida de Azul; Carlotta or as I call her Lottie Brown

  • My name for her; Lottie Brown
  • Brand: Vestida de Azul (translates from Spanish as Dressed in Blue).
  • Sculpt name: Carlotta
  • Height 11″/28cm (there are other dolls in this brand in other sizes)
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Articulation: arms and hips move on circle joints not balls. So arms and legs can go up and down but not out to the side. The hip joint means she sits with her legs wide apart, so if you wanted her to sit across a toy horse for example, these aren’t the joint that let you do that.
  • Head side to side.
  • Colour: she has a warm skin tone without being too sun tan orange! There are other ethnicity options of dolls available in the brand too. (I hope that’s thr right way to put that. really sorry if its not)
  • Features: soft gentle looking face, blue grey fixed eyes (they don’t close) and attatched eyelashes.
  • Hair: rooted hair, this doll is blonde with a fringe, but there are a lot of options on the website, different styles and hair colours.
  • Value for money ***** Excellent
  • Price: At time of writing this Carlotta dressed 11″ doll on My Doll Best Friend is £36.98 plus p&p.
  • If you are into sewing you can also buy some of the dolls in this range wearing only pants and the 28cm ones are under £20, today they are on the site at £15.
  • Stability: she stands really well, though its wise to put her hands slightly forward to allow this. Persoanlly I wouldn’t leave her for a long time standing, without support, though this could be the hairstyle unbalencing her a little. She sits perfectly too, so great for posing for photos.
  • Measurements: Doll measurements are on MDBF Blog, shown further down in this post. Here is a side by side picture of her next to a made to move Barbie.
Vestida de Azul Carlotta next to Made to Move Barbie

side by side size comparrison Vestida de Azul Carlotta 28cm/11″ next to Made to Move Barbie

This is a fab little doll, and could easily be a handbag doll if you wanted to take her out and about with you. I love my bjds but with my minimal dexterity they are hard for me to sew for with the machine, and they are heavy to hold. This little lady dressed weighs 247g out of the box.

My reasons for getting her

  • She’s so pretty
  • She was instock (sorry, but as a bjd collector used to waiting many MONTHS for dolls to arrive, this is a big thing). There are a few outfit options to purchase.
  • I want to make her some clothes myself. (hands currently wrecked, don’t hold your breath)
  • I wanted a smallish, light doll
  • Price, she is fantastic quality for a high quality of build and material used.
  • Her size means making clothes for her won’t take that much fabric
  • I want to practice making doll clothes (when hands allow me to)


Please bear in mind that I’m writing this as an adult collector, and make no personal recomendations for child use, as I don’t have kids.

Please do visit My Doll Best Friend site as they have far more information on the various dolls they sell and if you are choosing for a youngster, they also have recommendations on there too.

Scroll down a bit, most of the dolls they sell are shown on this page but its a handy reference if you want to sew for them or see if clothing you may already have will fit them. Please note carlotta is 28cm/11″ doll, as there are different sizes of doll in the brand.

Final thoughts

This is a wonderful doll, great price, doesn’t take up much space to store, her box is little more than shoe box size, so not much space needed if you want to put her away.

I love the colour tone and feel of her vinyl, its also slightly soft on the hands. she’s not at all shiny like some dolls can be. Her hair feels nice and is long enough to offer different styling options. I’ve enjoyed having her on the desk, on the table next to me and so far have created a block pattern to start designing some clothes for her, when my hands allow. I never thought I’d be a dolly collector, I’m still trying to resit but there are so many lovey dolls around and when you are feeling sorry for yourself, if funds allow you to treat yourself to a little pal to raise a smile for yourself or someone in your life, why not. Id love to be doing so many crafts but my health and dexterity make that impossible, these dolls are something I can turn too, imange stories about and take me away from chronic pain, anxiety and depression. They help.

If you think she’s nice, go on, pop over to the site and choose one for yourself, there are many to choose from, and if you like sewing at under £20 for a undressed doll to be your next model, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it.

As the site says ‘Its good to have something to look forward to’.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie x


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Hello Everyone

Previously I was posting over on Windows Live Spaces but there just wasn’t the versatitily that WordPress allows, so here I am. Over the next few weeks I hope to be able to tweek things to get them looking the way I want and learn how everything works here and then we can get some tutorials and other fun stuff on here.

Rather than a blank page in case it takes me a few days to get this going here is the sort of thing you can expect to see on this blog in the coming months

The Virtual Crafting Challenge; Monthly challenges to encourage you to use the crafting stash you have in new ways, or try a craft you haven’t tried before. There will be links to point you in the direction of tutorials and suppliers available throughout the web.

Tutorials; I am one of those people that has to share. If I have found a new technique or can show you how to make someting then I will post a step by step tutorial.

Bookbinding; Well I am new to this but I adore making hand bound books. This section will be mainly a show and tell type of gallery rather than too many tutorials but as my experience grows… who knows.

Links; I spend far too much time online and as a result I have collected a lot of crafting links, where ever possible if I use a product on the blog I will link to the manufacturer of it, so you will be able to source the item from your own country.

Videos; Well we do have a camera so maybe one day I will try make some video’s for You Tube but anything in this section is likely to be a link to a great new video I have found and wanted to share.

Reviews; If I have tried an amazing crafting product and have any comments on it I will use the blog as a way of letting you know how good or not it is. Bare in mind that the reviews will just be my personal opinion of a product.

(Repeats) Since this platform is so much more versatile I hope to re-publish some of my earlier posts from MySpace on here. For loyal visitors migrating with me from the old blog I shall try and mix these in with new things rather than putting too many together.

For me crafting really is ‘All About the Journey’ this has become a bit of a motto for me, as I enjoy the process of learning new techniques and seeing how to incorporate them into my projects. So if you are new and looking for inspiration I hope you will find something useful here, and if you have been crafting for some time try my Virtual Crafting Challenge as a way to take your crafting to new exciting places.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie xxx

PS; Now we have the option do leave me a comment

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