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Hello Everyone

Previously I was posting over on Windows Live Spaces but there just wasn’t the versatitily that WordPress allows, so here I am. Over the next few weeks I hope to be able to tweek things to get them looking the way I want and learn how everything works here and then we can get some tutorials and other fun stuff on here.

Rather than a blank page in case it takes me a few days to get this going here is the sort of thing you can expect to see on this blog in the coming months

The Virtual Crafting Challenge; Monthly challenges to encourage you to use the crafting stash you have in new ways, or try a craft you haven’t tried before. There will be links to point you in the direction of tutorials and suppliers available throughout the web.

Tutorials; I am one of those people that has to share. If I have found a new technique or can show you how to make someting then I will post a step by step tutorial.

Bookbinding; Well I am new to this but I adore making hand bound books. This section will be mainly a show and tell type of gallery rather than too many tutorials but as my experience grows… who knows.

Links; I spend far too much time online and as a result I have collected a lot of crafting links, where ever possible if I use a product on the blog I will link to the manufacturer of it, so you will be able to source the item from your own country.

Videos; Well we do have a camera so maybe one day I will try make some video’s for You Tube but anything in this section is likely to be a link to a great new video I have found and wanted to share.

Reviews; If I have tried an amazing crafting product and have any comments on it I will use the blog as a way of letting you know how good or not it is. Bare in mind that the reviews will just be my personal opinion of a product.

(Repeats) Since this platform is so much more versatile I hope to re-publish some of my earlier posts from MySpace on here. For loyal visitors migrating with me from the old blog I shall try and mix these in with new things rather than putting too many together.

For me crafting really is ‘All About the Journey’ this has become a bit of a motto for me, as I enjoy the process of learning new techniques and seeing how to incorporate them into my projects. So if you are new and looking for inspiration I hope you will find something useful here, and if you have been crafting for some time try my Virtual Crafting Challenge as a way to take your crafting to new exciting places.

Best wishes and thanks for reading

Billie xxx

PS; Now we have the option do leave me a comment


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