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In today’s post I would like to introduce our Featured Artist, for April 2011

Rosie Rowe

Rosie Rowe

Rosie Rowe

I discovered her work thanks to an online class with Julie Pritchard which we both took, but for those of you who haven’t yet found Rosie, here is a little more about her and her work.

Who you are: 

Rosie; I am Rosie Rowe – of Altered Art & Stuff! 53 years old this year, a mother, a carer, an angler and an artist! Mum to a 16 y.o., wife and carer to Nick and feeder of 2 dogs, a parrot and an old tomcat!

Where you are (which country you are based in)?

Rosie; I live in Cornwall, in the Southwest of England, at the moment, but I hope to move to Kent later this year.

What you do:

Rosie; I am an (experimental) mixed media artist, who likes to paint and alter things too. I am a real technique junkie and work in stages, although I am very impatient! Anything is fair game…!

What got you started in your creative journey?

Rosie; I have always been arty/artistic/creative since I was a little girl. I learned to knit, sew, crochet, cross-stitch and embroider from an early age and when I was 12, I helped my Mum sew my own summer school uniform dress! My mother was German and grew up during WWII, so she was of the “make do and mend” mentality, used to making things herself and we were always decorating, painting, dressmaking, etc. I used to paint pet portraits from photos when Mum had a little shop at one time.I would have chosen to go into Performing Arts or Art School, if that had been possible, but instead I became a Police officer and had very little time for arts and crafts. I lived and worked in Germany, France and Spain, (where I met my husband, Nick), for a total of 12 years and it was only about 6 years ago that I finally got back into the habit, when I lived next door to an old lady who went to cardmaking classes. So, that’s where I started back on my journey… cardmaking, scrapbooking, altered art and now painting and art journalling. I was always a bit rebellious for the DTs I worked with, pushing the envelope and my luck too! I don’t really “conform” very well and tend to think outside the box. When I blog, I do try and explain my thought processes so that people understand my strange brain. I love the arty folk in the Groups I belong to, who have also broadened my thinking and fostered my thirst for knowledge!

What inspires you: 

Feeling Hot hot hot by Rosie Rowe

Rosie; People, weather patterns, rubbish, fabric, emotions and my stash… I absorb ideas I see when I’m surfing the web and then later they translate into artwork of some kind. I am a very bad notemaker… If I wrote down all the things that inspired me, I’d never lack inspiration!  Mind you, I’d probably never have time to see all the projects through anyway! If I could mention artists who inspire me I’d start with my best blogging friend Barbara Hagerty (artiphy the heart), with whom I formed an instant bond. She has encouraged and mentored me, right from 2007 when our paths first crossed in Blogland and we discovered just how much we have in common! My next would be Michelle Ward (GPP Street Team Crusades), whom I hold responsible for my addiction to carving rubber stamps!! She has also been a wonderful influence and apart from my blog challenge pals, I have to mention Tam from Willowing who gave us all the precious gift of a month’s free Art, Heart & Healing in October last year and changed my life. I rediscovered a gift for drawing faces and imaginary friends!

If money,time and obligations were no object, what you would most like to do?

Rosie; I’d fly over to the States, hire a Winnebago, shop for art supplies and soak up some sun while I planned a route to visit my dearest blogging pals… I reckon I could be on the road for at least 6 months! Then I’d go off to Australia and New Zealand and do the same – although I don’t have as many pals there at the moment. I think travelling and art-ing along the way would be heaven. I’d also invest in a new camera – I love taking photos – and a really good small video camera so I can make videos of my processes. And Nick and I could do a fair bit of fishing and promotion of his charitable organisation too! Let’s face it, life is too short to waste time!

When I came home again, I’d start a Community Arts Programme around a Cafe, Gallery and Workshop, with free classes for youngsters with self-esteem issues, Dance classes for all ages and a Drop-In with cheap-rate hair, nails and beauty treatments. After all, everyone has the right to feel “good” about themselves in a safe environment. To raise funds, we’d have regular hair and fashion shows and art n crafts exhibitions.

What do you enjoy most about your creative work/life?

Rosie; Making art has saved my sanity, literally. I have dragged paintings out of the depths of my despair and found an imaginary world that I can inhabit where my pain and angst can be spilled into the creation of some kind of art. I create characters who can do the things that I can’t,; who can do the things that you can imagine, etc. It’s been very therapeutic for me and helped me to deal with some really awful situations that we, as a family, have been through. I know from feedback that people draw inspiration from what I create, from mistakes that I make etc., and that makes me so happy. If I can encourage anybody, I am happy to help. I am only an email away… I love making presents for people too!

I do enjoy the interaction from online workshops/classes so much. It’s amazing the diversity of arty folk who can come together to share an experience and form such close, nurturing bonds. I mean, that’s where you and I first “met”, isn’t it?


Sewing the Seeds by Rosie Rowe

To find out more about Rosie and her work, please visit her blog and websites, details below. 

Thanks to Rosie Rowe for being our Featured Artist of the Month for April 2011.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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