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After last week giving a description of what embossing powders I find essential it occured to me that a tutorial on HOW to actually do heat embossing might be helpful to newbies, so here we go.

Here is a step by step of the process.

You will need

  • Heat tool; to melt the embossing powder
  • Versamark ink or other slow drying pigment ink
  • Card stock
  • Rubber stamp of your choice
  • Scrap paper



  • Stamp your image on to the cardstock using the Versamark or other pigment ink.
  • Place your card over the scrap paper and cover the stamped image with the embossing powder of your choice.
  • Tap off the excess poweder onto the scrap card, and then pour it back into the pot it came from
  • Heat the powder on your image using the heat gun, be sure to protect your worksurface as the heat tool will get extrememly hot.
  • You will know the powder is ‘cooked’ when the image goes shiney rather than looking like powder.
  • As soon as the powder melts move your gun over the image to the next area to be melted. If you stay on a spot that has already melted the powder will stop being shiny and raised and will go dull and flat and you may scorch your paper.
  • Set asside to cool, once cooled you can now use your stamped image as you please. Embossing means that you can now colour your image using wet media like watercolour for example with out the image distorting with the moisture.



http://tsukineko.com/tips/VM_tips.php  Photo demo of the above from the makers of the Versamark ink.


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