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Welcome Back

Today I’d like to share a picture of a piece of art I made using Daler Rowney System 3 paint.

Dark Rust painting

Dark Rust painting

This is just a small scrap of mat board, and I was playing with different colours to create an aged and vintage look. I’ve always gone bright with my base colours for this kind of thing. Recently I saw Andy Skinners work and he starts with a much darker base colour.

I like the result but it needs a lot more experimentation with more colours to see what will work like this. You know me, It’s All About the Journey and all that 🙂 it should be fun playing. Really enjoying this months Virtual Crafting Challenge. One thing I recommend if you are having a play and suddenly ‘discover’ something you like, make a note of the colours/paints you used on the back of the piece. Then when you look back on it, some time later you will be able to find out your own, special recipe for that technique.

What do you think of the piece? It was tricky to photograph, in real life it looks much like tortoise-shell, lots of layers and tones but its difficult to get that to show up on camera. I’m going to explore other paints and see what happens.

Thanks for the inspiration for trying new colours Andy, I’m looking forward to experimenting further.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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