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Welcome Back

In today’s post I will be reviewing; A-Z of Flower Portraits by Billy Showell DVD

A - Z of Flower Portraits DVD

A - Z of Flower Portraits DVD

Product Details

  • Manufacturer/Brand; Teaching Art/ SAA
  • Item number: TA BSAZD
  • RRP at time of writing: £25.52 or £20.20 to SAA Members

Reason For Buying

This year I want to improve my watercolour painting techniques. To learn more about mixing colours and a more realistic style of painting too. My mobility hasn’t been great, so getting out and about to paint buildings hasn’t been an option. There are however, lots of flowers in the garden, I can try to paint.



  • Double DVD
  • The DVD is divided into chapters, so you can go directly to a particular project
  • Colour mixing is shown during the painting process
  • Each technique shown, is well described in detail
  • Run time is 130 minutes

Projects included are;

Narcissus, hellebore and anemone. An extra section for adding a water droplet and a gallery of Billy’s work is also on the DVD.


  • Haven’t got any

Build Quality

Excellent. Sound, lighting and camera work are all superb. Perfect close-ups and nothing seems rushed.

Value for Money

Excellent. Getting to a one to one class would be much more expensive. With the DVD you can re-watch techniques as often as you like, till you get the hang of them. It will be helpful to paint along with Billy on the DVD, to try some techniques too.

Would I buy it Again?

Totally, I have also bought the book by the same name.

Summing up

Billy has really inspired me to get painting flowers, her style is beautiful and she explains techniques so well too. I want to practice these techniques and learn this more realistic style of painting. The book goes into greater detail and is great to have on hand next to me as I paint, but I’m a visual learner and the DVD is excellent. I found the fact that the colour mixing is shown, very helpful too. If you like this style of painting, I highly recommend you get this DVD.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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Welcome Back

At the beginning of the month, hubby and I went for a short break; camping in Chichester. It was a delightful setting in woodland and for the most part we had good weather. After watching the painting shows on C&C and visiting a few arty blogs I was inspired to get sketching again. I got out my sketching kit, and decided to take the watercolours with me, just in case the opportunity arose.

We visited Petworth House, and for the first time I saw the original paintings of Turner. OMG I was blown away and could have cried, they were so amazing! I’ve only seen them in magazines before, and I just thought he was the Prince of Gloom and wasn’t that impressed. How wrong can you be, in real life there is an incredible amount of detail in the paintings, there were rooms and rooms of the most stunning art. If you can’t get to a gallery but find yourself in Sussex, DO check out Petworth House.

Another day we went to Parham House, can you tell we aren’t pool n sunbathing kinda people 🙂 I just love architecture and painting/drawing old buildings. There is so much texture and they never fail to captivate me. I did get some funny looks the other year, when I was photographing the old worn leather baggage at a heritage railway. I found the surfaces and ageing just as interesting as the buildings. Who knows what those pictures will end up as, reference for distressed painting projects or faded out as backgrounds for digital projects 🙂 Art really has exploded into so many possibilities for me in the last few years. Its grown far beyond what I thought it was twenty years ago.

Anyway, enough wittering! Here is the picture I wanted to share; its of the dovecote at Parham House.

Sketch of Dovecote at Parham House

Sketch of Dovecote at Parham House

I also took a photo of it from the gardens, which will feature on a calendar on here later in the year. I also took loads of floral pictures in the gardens too, so lots of inspiration for me for when the weather turns 🙂 I did the pencil sketch at the time and then added the colour back at the campsite 🙂

Thanks to Stephanie and Sheena from Create and Craft, to Julie Prichard for the art classes all of which have helped me get over my fear of painting, and redefine what art is. Thanks to Seth Apter for his amazing blog; The Altered Page, which is a constant source of inspiration. I’m going to give painting and drawing another go and see where it takes me. 

I have just joined the SAA again, they have loads of great tutorial DVD and books on there. There is also a painting and drawing channel which shows excerpts from the DVDs. Thankfully these are also available on the computer  and on You Tube for others like me with out Sky! After watching one of their execerpts from a video by Bente King, I painted the best realistic leaf painting I’ve ever done, but I’ll share that another day. 🙂

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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