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Today I’d like to share a picture of the Pom pom scarf I made for my friend for Christmas. Lucky, I knitted it early in the year before I dislocated my hand!

Scarf using Grundl Pom Pom Yarn

Scarf using Grundl Pom Pom Yarn

The yarn is by Grundle and is their Pom Pom yarn in Black. It’s a great project if you like to knit but your hands aren’t that dextrous. You use lovely big fat needles and I held on to the pom poms, so no fiddling with narrow yarn. It knits  up quite quickly.

As I know my friend drives everywhere, I figured she wouldn’t want anything too long or bulky, just something for inside a jacket to keep her neck warm. I cast on 9 stitches and kept it short. This scarf took two balls of yarn, hope she likes it.

There’s a lot of fun n funky yarns on the market these days, some come with thier knitting patterns printed on the back of the ball bands, handy! If you hate trailing round the shops near Christmas, get some of this yarn and make your best friend a gift from the heart. Snuggled up in the warm, perhaps with your favorite film on the box 🙂 much nicer than freezing and getting ratting in the queues in the shops 🙂

Try handmade Christmas presents, sure they take a bit of time but if you start REAL early, you can enjoy the process and spend December just writing the cards n wrapping, much less stress, much more fun! I blame Kirsty’s Handmade Home for getting me into this, but I wouldn’t look back now. Christmas ‘shopping’ is now a year round process, pick up a nice yarn here and there as you see it, (put a post it on the label so you know who or what you had in mind at the time ;)) and gather your gifts gradually in a box or bag in the bottom of the wardrobe. It’s also nice to get gifts for people while you are on holiday, as there are often unique shops in out-of-the-way places with lovely things in them. So much nicer than the inevitable smellies or chocolates dilemma 😉


Reclaim the fun in the holiday season, make a list, make a plan, get others involved and delegate where you can. You need fun too!!!

Best wishes

Billie 🙂


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