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Welcome Back

Sometimes poems just come to me, litterally just like that! I can see an image and the words just flow. I was on twitter and saw an illustration of a wren by itsnotallaboutwork and it prompted the following poem. Its my version of a classic known as The wren.

The wren, the wren, the king of the birds.

My feet are cold, I’m forgetting the words.

Please send socks, and somewhere to sleep,

Coz its cold out here, and the darkness it creeps.


The cats try to eat me, the rain it is wet.

But here on this perch, yet windblown, Ive slept.

I’m singing a song, as bold as can be,

Though I am so tiny, can u even see me?


Look deep in the shrub and there I will be.

Singing my heart out, with spirit and glee.

Leave me some water and even some food

I’ll sing to you often, to raise up your mood.


by Billie from Billie’s Craft Room

Here is the tweet with the image by Itsnotallaboutwork on Twitter, that inspired this poem.


Here is their twitter page https://twitter.com/itsnotaboutwork

best wishes, thanks for reading, stay safe

Billie x

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