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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Digital Scrapbook Artist 2

Serif; Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 and Daisy Trail 1

Serif; Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 and Daisy Trail 1

Product Details

  • Serif; Digital Scrapbook Artist V2
  • Item number
  • RRP at time of writing:

Reason For Buying

I was lucky enough to receive this for Christmas last year. Although I like the idea of scrapbooking the cost of papers and embellishments and the fear of ‘getting it wrong’ has put me off. This software means I can play with designs and ideas, print them or save to disk the results.

How It Works

Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 is a program that you load onto your computer, it allows you to design and create scrapbook pages (or other paper projects) on your computer. You can print finished pages, save them to disk, or even upload them to share with others online.

To create projects, you choose a paper size and then open items from Digital Kits, to decorate your project. The digital kits contain, Background papers, embellishments, alphabets as well as layouts. To get started try using  the layouts, these are pre made scrapbook pages, you can just add your own photograph and your page is done.

The program comes with five digital kits, so you can play with the program as soon as it arrives. You can buy additional digital kits in packs of ten on CDs, or choose individual kits to download from Daisy Trail.

If you prefer a more hands on approach to your crafting, you can print out the background papers and elements and build your pages/projects in real life. Adding as much dimension as you like.

Not just scrapbooking! Don’t be put off by the title, you can choose your paper size, so you could make anything with this programme. How about cards, ATCs, recipe cards, baby’s first year books, art journal with these too. The possibilities of this software are just amazing!! It’s like the worlds best craft store!


Pros; Easy to use. Ok I admit when you first look at the screen the number of buttons puts you off but compared to Adobe Photoshop (with which I have a love/hate relationship). This is so much more user-friendly. It took me over a year to get my head around Photoshop, after one afternoon with this software, by the evening I had six finished pages!

Versatile and powerful. This has a lot of high-end features that the very expensive software has, at a much more affordable price.

There is an online community called Daisy Trail, which has lots of helpful people to inspire you with their pages and help you out if you get stuck. You can upload your pages to share them with the community and buy further digital kits.

Digital Kits are superb!  The best thing is you just drag and drop items onto your pages, if you want extra buttons you just drag them on! No more I can’t use this button coz it’s too nice and I know I can’t get anymore. You can have as many letters as you like, no more having to buy several sets of alphabets just to get a couple of extra letters. Once you have bought a digital kit you can combine any of the elements from it with any kit that you already have.

Build Quality

Fantastic, Serif have been making software for over 20 years. This program has elements from their other programs, they have put together a really user-friendly stable product.

Value for Money

Excellent!!!! The program itself comes with 5 digital kits, you can choose to buy collections of digital kits on CD for around £30 for ten digital kits, or cherry pick your favorite kits and buy them individually from Daisy Trail. The program is a wonderful investment for the endless supply of options for creative projects. The individual kits are really affordable if you can’t stretch to a whole CDs worth.

Would I buy it Again?

Totally! It has rapidly become one of my favorite crafting tools.

Summing up

Just try it!!! There is a free download of a trial of Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact available from Serif so you can see for yourself  just how cool this is. If you are not into scrapbooking this is also perfect for card making and any kind of paper crafting. If you just buy the kits for the papers, it’s still a good buy.

I was a sceptic too, but after a couple of afternoons with this software, I love it. If you don’t like downloading from the internet, you can buy many of the digital kits on CDs, from Serif.



Digital Scrapbook Artist Software Buy the software from Serif and more product information. Check out the video, showing the features of the product.

Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact;  This is a cut down version of the full program to try for free.

Online support from Serif You can also download a manual from here too.

Daisy Trail Home of the online community of fans of the Digital Scrapbook Artist 2

Daisy Trail shop. Where to buy the Digital kits individually

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon

Billie 🙂


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